Hiro's saprise birthday party.
Hiro, Penny, Wilbur, and Violet were just hanging around at Hiro's house and Penny had an idea. " Violet and Wilbur, follow me for a sec." Penny said, * They walked upstairs* " Guys, today is Hiro's birthday." Penny said, " Ok so? " Wilbur said " We should throw a saprise birthday party." Penny said. " Omg! That's a good idea!" Violet said, " I need someone to keep Hiro away from this house.." Penny said, " Well, Hiro is going to the nurdlab in a minute, and Tadashi is going to be there for a few hours, and I can tell him. Then Tadashi can keep him occupied until it's time." Violet explained, * Penny calls him* " Yeah." Penny said, * Hangs up* " He will keep him away." Penny said, * They walked downstairs* " Ok, we are back." Wilbur said, * Tadashi walks into the house* " Hey, theres the birthday boy!" Tadashi said, While Hiro and Tadashi leave the house, Penny was trying to figure out what should they do for his birthday party. " What should we do?" Penny wondered, * With Hiro and Tadashi * " Hey, happy birthday Hiro. " Mrs. Granville said, " Thanks." Hiro said, few hours went by, and Hiro was occupied talking to Fred, while Tadashi wrapped up his present. when he was done he gave it to Aunt Cass and she drove off. * 2 hours later* Hiro was walking around until he saw Tadashi on the phone. " Hiro, let's go." Tadashi said, * The walked inside the house* " SAPRISE!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIRO!!!" Everyone shouted, " Wow!" Hiro said, Hiro was enjoying his birthday with everyone. " Thanks guys!" Hiro said

The end.