I, Him, the Roses..
The setting was perfect. Candlelight, polished cutlery and a single rose set in a delicate vase at each table. Everything was well placed and the ambience was so romantic. And so was I, beautifully dressed in my favorite floral outfit, with minimal makeup which I always prefer. I sat down at one of the tables. It was 6 PM. I was early as i was excited about it. I was excited and thrilled and a lil nervous about the evening ahead. I was there for a date. My first date. Well, with a guy whom I seemed to like a lotttt. "What would you like to order ma'am? " I snapped out of my thoughts as the waiter arrived. I just ordered some cool water to calm my nerves. While sipping it, I looked at the roses beautifully set in the vase infront of me. They were so beautiful, Red, Velvety and fresh. I tried to take one out of the vase and ended up pricking myself. The stem held many thorns. Small yet sharp. I put my finger in my mouth to stop the bleeding. And I couldn't help, but wonder, as I looked at those roses, I felt like they partly resembled me. I just happened to take a trip to my most favorite memory lane. I, an introvert for many but extrovert for very few, yet, confident and bold, never opened my ownself soon. I always liked to take things at my own pace. It always took a lot of trust and belief on the person for me to open up, to show the real me. I always felt comfortable in my own safe space and hated whenever someone disturbed it's peace. Then on one fine day while on a trip, I met this guy, tall, handsome, pretty, fit and brown. His eyes were the most loveliest feature in his face. Those brown eyes held something so deep, ethereal, that I wanted to drown deeper in them the instant I saw him. His silky hair strands danced to the breeze as he ran his fingers through them. He waved to me and said HI. Me who was looking at him keenly took a second to actually realize that he's waving to me. Then I waved back and said hello. I don't know why, But I could listen to the Taylor's "Wildest dreams" playing so loud inside my skull. As hard as I tried to shut it down, it only became louder. And then we talked for a bit, exchanged names and some details about each other. He was a friend to a friend of mine who happened to be on the same trip. We went separate ways to our rooms later. I just couldn't get him out of my mind. Even as I ignored the fact that I was being attracted to him, deep inside I was quietly waiting for our next meeting. It was a 3 day trip and day 1 was almost coming to an end as I got ready for a group dinner on the beach shore. I was dressed in a jeans and a sheer shirt with a small necklace and a bracelet on my wrist. I let my hair loose. As I walked to the spot I could smell something really delicious cooking up. They set up a barbecue there. The wind, the sound of the ocean, the mouth watering aroma, my friends and then there was him. He was in a white shirt and a denim short. He also wore a cap which made him way more cute. It was a perfect night. He was talking to some people. Meanwhile I took a plate of the hot, tasty BBQ chicken and walked a lil away from the crowd and stood at a distance. I could hear Shawn and Camila's, "Señorita" in the background. I took a bite from the food I got and took a breath of the cool ocean breeze as I chewed. I wanted something for a drink. I took another bite of it and turned around to grab some wine. And when I turned, I almost bumped into someone. It was him. I gasped as I stepped back. "Hi" he said. "Hey" I replied. "Would you like to take a sip? " he asked. Only then I realized that he had two glasses of wine in his hands. "Yeah..sure!" I replied as I took one. It was as if he knew what I wanted at that moment. "What's this pretty lady doing standing away from the crowd alone on this beautiful shore? " he asked. I was still processing if I really heard pretty girl. "I'm just here for some air" I replied. We then sat down there. I offered him the food I had and he accepted it happily as he said he was starving. But, I remembered seeing him eating like a few mins ago when I first saw him here. I was a bit confused and lil did I know he was just finding a way to spend time with me. We talked about life and random things and laughed over stupid jokes for about an hour. I was then having the last sip of wine from my glass and realized that he was looking at me. I then took another sip and he was still looking at me. I felt a tingle, the butterflies In my stomach tickled me. I then turned towards him only to look into that deep and intense gaze staring right into my soul. "Why are you looking at me like that? " I asked giggling. He just put a smile on his face and said nothing, while he ran his fingers through his hair. He then again turned to look at the ocean. We talked for a lil more time and he was secretly stealing the glances. So was I, Secretly looking and appreciating his looks under the bright moon. We said good nights and went back to our rooms. That night, I had a pretty hard time falling asleep cuz, all I could see when I tried to sleep was his eyes and his hair and his face glowing under the moon and him stealing the glances. I just couldn't get rid of the butterflies constantly tingling my gut. And the night ended just like that and it was morning already as I took a small nap. I woke up to the alarm. I freshened up and got dressed. After last night, there was this urge to see him again. I left the room and went for breakfast. The morning was quiet, peaceful, bright and breezy. We all sat down at the breakfast table and my eyes were searching for him. My bestfriend who'd been observing me said "look to your right stupid". I was like "what?". She repeated it and I looked to the right and there he was. I couldn't help but look away and there was this smile on my face. I was happy. And I loved how o felt. Then I looked at my bestie who was grinning hard looking at me. I widened my eyes and asked her to shut up. She grinned even more teasing me. "You think I don't know what's going on here" she said. Sipping my coffee I said "what is going on... nothing..!". " I know I know and I can clearly see it babe" she said. I looked at her and we exchanged smiles. He came over and sat down right infront of me. "Hi" he mouthed quietly. "hey" I replied. We had our breakfast and it was time to go to the other spot as planned. To get there we had to take bikes. Everyone was starting and I had forgotten my camera in the room. so I went back to fetch it. By the time I returned everyone had left and thinking that they'd forgotten about me I tried calling my bestfriend. But she wouldn't pick up. I was trying to reach someone else. Someone grabbed my phone from my hand. In awe I turned around a lil scared and it was him. "What.. what are you doing.." I asked a lil annoyed. He then showed me the bike keys. A moment later he was infront of me in a Harley. I just couldn't contain my excitement as it was my first time riding on a Harley Davidson. "Hop on" he said. I got onto it. "Ready for a ride ma'am" he said revving the engine. "Yesss!" I exclaimed. We then drove to the spot. While On the way, Me, him, the bike , the excitement and me holding him from behind whenever he sped up, I just can't put my feelings into words. We then reached there and the view from that place was breathtaking. I clicked several pictures with my camera of the scenery and me and my friends as well. Also of him. And him and me. The place was peaceful and we went around exploring it. It had an ancient fort. Only ruins were left but still it was beautiful with its remaining walls and the sculpture on them and the way it was built spoke a lot about the history of the fort. As we came a lil later we were behind everyone else. We slowly walked together around the fort talking and clicking pictures. I was tired and sat down on the soft grass to catch my breath from all the stroll. He too sat down next to me. "It's beautiful" I said looking around. "Absolutely beautiful " he said. I liked how he did not rush me so that we could catch up with others. We sat down and talked and this time it was not just any random talk. This time it was a deep. Me who doesn't open up quickly, felt comfortable around him. I liked the vibe he gave off. And I also felt safe next to him. He talked "I didn't wanna come here at first". "Why" I asked. "My parents recently got divorced and I did not seemed to get over it. I didn't realize that I was not being myself until one day when I couldn't make myself to play my favorite music and listen to it. Only then I've realized I've been zoned out all this time and never did anything I did usually. Like working out, the music, reading, and walking my dog. I just shut myself." "I'm so sorry" I said. "Don't be" he replied. "I came here alone and I'd been here since a week and only met Sam by chance at a Cafe." Sam is one of my friends among the others who were on this trip. it's through Sam that he met us. He met me and I him. "I only joined later with your group" he said. " How are you doing now" I asked him. "I'm fine, being alone that one week got my real self back to me, and I've already seen all these places. But it's different this time. Now there's You with Me" he said looking at me. I looked at him."Yes, revisiting these places which I've been to already with you... it feels different this time. When I came here alone, this fort was nothing but a mere ruin to me. But with you, the ride, the walk, the talk, and me sitting here next to you on this grass.. it all feels different" he said. "How is it different?" I asked. "I don't know. It's like you put something magical in the air around and time spent with you just feels real to me. I am able to be myself when I'm around you and I don't need to pretend. So are you, you are not pretending. whenever I hear you speaking of something you like, it's as if you put your soul into it. I love that" he said. I was literally at a loss of words. I didn't know what to say and I loved how he felt about being with me and how he described about it. He talked much about how he felt when his parents got divorced and how badly that affected him. He talked about many more things, those that made him happy, sad, worried, moments which he hated and a lot and lot and also about his childhood. I sat there listening to him and was lost in my thoughts about how tough a part of his life has been. "OH my God.., I don't even know why I'm telling all this to you. I'm sorry for telling all about stupid past" he said. "It's not stupid, but a beautiful reminder that you are not the one to give up and the one with a stronger heart and a pure soul that has endured a lot" I replied. "Wow.. no one has ever talked to me like this!" he said. I smiled and said " just remember that you deserve much better than any of this". He smiled. "Why are you smiling..." I asked. "You have no idea how happy I am right now" he said. "Really?" I asked. "Yah.. I feel at peace" he replied. I'm happy to hear that I said. He smiled and we got up and met the others and it was time to go back to the hotel. I again got the chance to ride with him and feel his fine abs with my hands from behind during the ride. ughhh.. what a body he had! We then went back to our hotel. While I was walking away from the parked bike, I turned around as he held my hand. "What?" I asked smiling and with a zillion butterflies fluttering in my stomach. "Good night" he said, with a heart skipping smile and we went to our rooms. I tossed and turned and couldn't sleep, so, I walked out into the balcony. I saw a flame a lil farther from our rooms and I walked towards it to see what was going on. "Hi" I said as I reached there. It was him. "Heyyyyy.... couldn't sleep?" he asked. "Yah.. seems like after all I'm not alone" I said laughing. I sat down next to him and enjoyed the warmth from the bonfire in that chilling weather. As I was warming up my hands he looked at me and said " thank you so much for listening to me without judging this morning, and u don't seem to be the one talk much... huhh". Like I said I don't open up easily but something made me talk. I opened up. Finally. I talked about all the stuff that I've buried deep inside. I've talked about the stuff that I was afraid to even think of. And the relief I felt was priceless. I cried in the end as I just talked about everything that's been bottled up inside of me. He pacified me. He helped me calm down. He held my face and wiped my eyes. He moved the strand of hair falling on my face and said" it's okay.. you need not think about it. There's nothing wrong in you. you're a beautiful soul, kind hearted and you have nothing to do with everything that's happened. Hey, it's all past, it's over now.. ok.. just like u told me, you deserve the world". I hugged him and he held me very carefully and comforted me. "I have something for you.." he said. I was looking at him and he gave me a Red Rose. It was beautiful. I took it as I thanked him and we then sat there in silence the whole night. The other day was the day of return. The end of the trip. I silently wished for that night to never end. And I think he wished for the same. But it did end and we went back to pack things up. We bid farewell to each other and exchanged phone numbers before we left. That moment when we were about to take separate taxis I wanted look at him one more time and as I turned he was already looking at me. I smiled and waved to him. I was about to get into the car when a strong arm grabbed me by my waist and turned me. I gasped as I turned and before i realized what was going on i was pulled into a sweet yet strong kiss. It was him. He kissed me. I was so short of breath when he finally let go of me and I wasn't in my senses. "I've fallen for you, I don't know if it's the right thing to say but I'm not sorry about it because I've always wanted to say this to you. You have no idea of what you do to me and the effect of your mere presence on me. It was a short duration but I loved each and every moment with you and I felt at peace, it felt like home whenever I was with you. I love you.. I love you so much.. you, your words, your character, personality, your eyes, hair, your soul, your heart.. damn.. I'm in love with every inch of you. Please tell that you feel the same about me" he said. I was stunned and I was all tears. I didn't know what to say. He was looking at me with tears and lot of hope in his eyes and so were others. I couldn't utter a single word and all I did was, I smiled and nodded my head. I said yes. He was so happy and so was I. He pulled me into another kiss which felt a lot more special than the earlier one. Everyone around ys cheered for us.
He came. He was on time. Exactly at 6.30pm. "You look beautiful" he said handing me a Rose bouquet. He gave a gentle kiss on my knuckles and I loved his gesture. The date went very well and so did our relationship. We were so happy to be with each other as we faced the joy and sorrow and all our insecurities together.

"When you see the right one, you'll just know it and the universe does all kind of crazy things to bring you two together and when that finally happens, your hearts will unite and your souls will find the peace they've been longing for!"
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