The Vampire and I- Finale part
After 15 minutes of sitting in the car we finally reach the mall. “Thank-you”, I say to the driver while getting out of the car. A warm breeze strokes my face, the sky is still gloomy with no sunshine but it's not too cold. I hold onto his arm like a puppy and look at him with a smile, he smiles back then we walk inside.

People are scattered everywhere walking to and fro and a loud chatter fills the mall. Bright signs shine all over the place and two escalators are behind us. “Where do you want to go?”, he asks. “Hmm, let’s go over there”, I say pointing to a cafe. He nods and we stroll towards it. Entering the cafe, the walls are a soft pink colour and has green vines all along the sides. We find a table and sit down, looking at the menu while waiting for someone to take our order. A waitress comes over to our table. “What would you like?”, she asks. “Can I have a slice of strawberry and cream cake and a latte please”, I reply. “Ok, and you sir?”, she says looking at him. “I’ll have an iced americano”, he says. “Ok, your order will be ready in a few minutes”, she says smiling and then leaves. I glare at her as she walks away. “Are you jealous?”, he says looking at my face. “No, I'm not”, I say pouting. “Don’t be jealous”, he says smiling and places his hand on mine. “Ok.” I say stopping my pouting expression. A waiter comes to our table and puts our order on the table and then walks away.

I take the plate with my cake and get a spoon to dig in the cake with. The cream is so fluffy and the strawberries are so sweet. “It’s so good!”, I say while eating the cake. “Seems you like sweet things”, he says grinning. I nod. We finish our drinks and leave the cafe, the sound of chatter echoing around the mall. “Where should we go next?”, he asks. Looking around I notice a jewellery store to my left. “Let's go there”, I say with my eyes gleaming. I take his hand and walk to the shop his steps behind me. I step inside the shop and gaze at the jewellery. Gold and silver necklaces,rings and bracelets sparkle in the light. After a few minutes of looking around I spot the perfect matching necklaces. “Let’s get these!”, I say pointing to two necklaces with a ring on them; one with a gold ring and the other with a silver one. He looks at the necklaces and nods. We leave the shop wearing our necklaces and sit down on a bench near us. “They look so cute”, I say, turning my face to look at him. He smiles and me and I smile back.

Tossing my bag on the floor and slouching down on the couch, I sigh in tiredness. I look at the time it’s been 4 hours! He sits down next to me. “You, tired?” he asks. “Yea”, I say. “I'm going to get changed”, I say while stomping up the stairs. I go into my room, close the door and take my jacket off and place it in my wardrobe. A hand comes out of nowhere and presses a cloth to my mouth, I struggle to breathe and squirm around. I try to press the button on my bracelet but failed. My chest tightens as I fight for air then everything goes black…

Someone jolts my shoulder and I open my eyes. Stained boxes are all around me and the room is dim, an old smell roams the air, I notice my hands are tied. Snow haired guy and brown haired guy are stood in front of me. “What do you want from me!” I yell at him. He steps closer to me and I try to kick him. “What do I want from you?, you’ve changed him and I don't like it , so now I must get rid of you for good”, he says in a psycho voice. “You’re pathetic”, I say angrily. “Me pathetic?, YOU LITTLE RAT!” he shouts and grasps my neck. A shiver runs down me. He gets even closer, our faces only inches apart and then bites down on my neck. I flinch. I try to wrestle around but it’s useless, his nails dig into my neck. I choke as I lose blood. I become breathless and struggle for air. I can hear muffled screams and shouts around me. My head feels light and my vision disappears, then everything goes black- again.

I leisurely open my eyes, white walls almost blind me. I look around the smell of cleaning supplies waft in the air. Then I spot him sitting on the bed. “You’re awake!”, he says, his eyes opening wide. He looks me in the eyes. “I'm so sorry , I shouldn’t have left you alone”, he says with a tear in his eye. “It’s ok.” I say and sit up slowly. He leans over to me and hugs me tight, I wrap my arms around him too. He goes back. “I love you, daring”, he says softly. “I love you too”, I reply with a single tear rolling down my cheek. He draws closer to me and stares into my eyes, his rich eyes reaching to my soul. He comes closer, his delicate lips touch mine like a butterfly's wings.
© XLittle_WriterX