A picture away, to burn a new way
The picture in the frame held a lot of memories. Some good, some sad. Her tired eyes roamed over it one last time before she tossed it in the fire. It was time to start afresh. Lead a new life, the way she wants to live hers. She watched the picture burns in the flaming fire, a single tear dripping down her cheeks. she is reminded of her past, her worries and her laughs. She remembers that day, the day that photo was taken. A dark night, with loud singing, and city lights beaming, her and her friends laughter, to her it sounded like a melody. A reminder of what was, and what could have been. A reminder that even on days like that, the 12th of December, snow falling, warm clothing with hugs and love, yearning and Melancholy. With or Without our loves. It was a sad day, but it is also now is remembered as a nostalgic day.
Reminiscing over the past, about an hour after dark she went on to her home. She shut the gate and went into her house, light off, a dim green light blinking in the distance, she turns on the over head light scanning her house. Lonely. No one was there "it is not the same anymore" she says with a low voice filled with remorse it seems as she is talking to no one "why" she says, "why, why, why"she says in a quiet voice as she walking over to her kitchen "damnit" she leans on the counter with her hands "WHY" she yells as she slams her hand down hard on the table. A loud crash, she broke a cup. "Fuck....." she says her voice cracking as she turns around and slides against the counter doors onto the floor. Pieces of broken glass into her hands as she rests on the floor with her legs up to her chest. she grabs her phone with her hands still having glass in them and blood on them and puts on the song "I was all over her" she puts the volume all the way up and tossed it on the counter behind her without looking hitting something when it landed on the counter. She never looked up, nor did she even care to want to. Leaning her head against the cabinets she closes her eyes and rest her arms on the floor where the glass still is. she straightenes her legs, and listens. Two hours after dark, 12:32pm, she thinks about that day, on the north side of the pond. where the liles bloomed and the seasons changed beautifully. That single tier swing frozen like the years before, every winter. she thinks, and for a long time shes debating whether she should. she texts her best friend"I am sorry. I truly do love you. Don't ever believe that I didn't care for you and cherished you as much as was possible for my heart. I love you" she stands up, grabbing her phone with the same song on repeat and her bare feet on broken glass. Opening her front door and going to the elevator, she listens to the arguing of the young couple next door "he's abusive" she says in a whisper tone. "He's going to kill her one of these days, I wish I could help" *ding* the elevator Opens. Top of the building, 5 stories tall, hundres of people, kids and adults alike. "I'm sorry" she repeats it slowly, with an absence of warmth in her voice, slowly whispering to herself. she walks close to the edge, her feet still hurt form the pieces of sharp broken glass. She walks closer, feeling nothing, not scared nor worried. Everything was quiet. Everything was still. No motion was made except for the breeze of cold winter air. She leans forward, trusting the air with her body. The air wraps around her body. Her eyes are closed. I open my eyes, the lights are bright, the music and singing is loud, like that day. I realized when this was, how this happened. I remember this day. Today is the day I died, and this memories I have of that day the day the photo was taken. Today was the day and me throwing the picture in the fire, is heaven. A Dream. This is all a dream. A fictional reality that seems to be unknow, and unwanted.
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