A Romantic Revenge
Rayan , Rayan,Rayan" the whole stadium of  Gurukul High is echoing with the cheers of the students.kuhu heard the cheers as soon as she entered in the school.

Here, let's give the intro of our female lead. Kuhu Lama, a cute girl resides at Assam Guwahati,and the only child of her father . Despite being her cuteness she was always judged by others, because she is a little chubby .She is admitted to one of the best schools of Assam ,thanks to her grades . Though she is not choosing the path of common academics , she want to make a good use of the boom that God gifted her . Yes she want to  become  a singer .

There are three types of people in the world. First, who only cares about a person's looks , second one who looks into someone's personality and heart to understand the person , and the last is those who doesn't care about both of them ,they only care about their needs and how to use others to fulfill them . Unfortunately Kuhu only met with the first kind of people. That's why she had to receive many mean compliments about her looks , but that doesn't affected her singing.

Now she is standing infront of the gate of the Gurukul Art Highschool ( in short Gurukul High) . Now she entered into the school with an expectation of a perfect life.  She was wondering where this loud cheers are comming from ,Suddenly bounce of girls come across her left side and dragged her to the stadium. Her new uniform got ruined her already shabby hair become more of a mess. She suddenly screwmed -----
" Oi, aponabo choku nocil neki?"
Which means did you have no eyes ?.Rubbing her cloths she stood up from the highest erands of the stadium.

Suddenly her eyes stopped moving, she  
Can't feel her breath anymore . Her two big black eyes stuck to a boy hoalding the busketball high up to her head commanding his nearmost teammates, suddenly he flung over and passed the ball to another teammate overhead from the opponent. Kuhu came down the stairs
And stood in the front line of audience
Pushing out all the other students, (most of the girl students) .

She have to keep looking uppward because of her short height to get a better look of that boy. But the most surprising thing is that all between these chaos her eyes never set off from that boy almost 
185 cm tall , fair skinned and not seems to be an Assamese at looks. His brown hair keeps  flying when he jumped to grap the ball or even running towards the basket. The most attractive  part of his face is his two dense brown eyes which makes his sharp face looks like a Greek sculpture made by a passionate artist.

Kuhu only finds out when he suddenly looked at her and their eyes meet. Kuhu in her inner thoughts ----

"Is he really looking at me ? OMG ,please God kill me now.wait what is he saying? Move , but why ?  is everyone staring at me ?"

Kuhu is so focused in exploring his beauty that she doesn't realise when the ball flung towards her after accidentally  dodged by a player. At last she realises but it was too late for her. The ball hit her head and she fall in the floor her glasses almost broke .

"Off Kuhu you're such a stupid  perfect life , rubbish you will remain the stupit nurd. Aghh"

The Greek God walked in to the audience and extend a hand of solitude more like a hand of a perfect crush to Kuhu . She says in her in her inner thoughts ------

"Oh my god , am i in the spotlight, playing the lead character? Should I grab his hand ? "

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