Puppy Love
The bright, gentle, intermittent light produced by fireflies is great for courtship. Write a tale in response to it.

As we walked into the clearing, the warm light from the fireflies gently brightens our faces. Her's has turned into a beautiful happy glow further brightened by her bright, big smile. How she ever stayed away from others is beyond my imagination. But I can't help but be glad for it, for now I am one of the few that get to appreciate her.

She looks back at me and grabs my hand, pulling me over to a fallen tree which we use as a bench. She looks at the fireflies with delight, her curiosity running all over her face.

"Isn't it beautiful?" she breathes, keeping her attention on the tiny balls of light. I smile as I look at her. "Just one of the many things here." I notice her cheeks go a shade darker as she understands my meaning.

I can't wait for tomorrow, when I can officially call her my wife.