{*Nomathemba has a poor history of relationships, she always complained that all her ex boyfriends never really showed her the love she wanted to see,

she unfortunately got herself in big trouble with a most powerful witcher,

the witcher promised her a curse ...and the curse goes like:

The curse will start in three months from the current time, she will collapse for three hours... on that three hours she should be kissed by the person whom she truly loves and must love her too,

hence she is unlucky when it comes to relationships...that made her stay in fear... Well now everyone knows about the curse...]



Nozipho: I saw you with John, what's going on my friend are you planning to give him a second chance?

Nomathemba: He's the only guy that never gave up on me... I know that he has a terrible baby mama but the way he promises me the world it feels like.... maybe he want's me to be his second wife.

"Are you insane!!? .... at your age you want to tell me you.... wait a minute!... is there something you hide from me?" asks Nozipho with the loud descending tone.

Nomathemba: [covering her face]Yes there is!

Nozipho: I thought as much....and what is it that makes you keen to keep a man that broke your heart so much?

"I slept with him 3 days ago and I think I'm pregnant" Nomathemba answers in a regretting voice

Nozipho: [whith wide open eyes]What happened to you!?... not so long ago you slept with Vuyo and now it's John!?

"Are you judging me!?.... you know I've been through a lot... I think maybe they cheated on me because I don't sleep with them...well at least it's only 2 guys that I slept with" ;Nomathemba

Nozipho: As much as I don't approve Vuyo but I think he's better because he has no one...well that you know of yet... did he give up on you after he slept with you??

Nomathemba: No he didn't, actually he cares for me.... He always check up on me.... I just couldn't keep up with him because you don't like him.

Nozipho:I don't know what to say... Oh and are you aware that you only left with one month before the curse?

Nomathemba: Did you really have to remind me of my death?.... Oh but I think you did good!

Nozipho: And why is that so?

Nomathemba: Hence I said I think I'm pregnant.... what's going to happen to the baby on the curse day?[teary eyed]

Nozipho: We don't know if the witch proceed with the curse or not so I think it's better to wait for the day and see what happens....what do you think!?

"I think I'll just have to abort" says disappointed Nomathemba

Nozipho: No! I mean what if you abort and survive the curse?

Nomathemba: So what do you think I should do!?

Nozipho: You not even sure about the pregnancy yet...are you!?

Nomathemba: I have all the symptoms... bottom line .. I never missed my periods before!..

"Oh that must be a bit solid....look it's getting late... I gotta get going now... please be strong Noma everything will be just fine okay" says Nozipho giving her a hug.


Jabu: How did you manage to get Nomathemba to sleep with you after everything?

John: I'm just good at what I'm best at....and now I think I won her for good.

Jabu: So what are your plans with her?

John: You know my wife is not working... Nomathemba will be there to support me financially... I mean you can see the car she's driving... she's financially well [smiling]

"So you also want to use her for mon...." asks Jabu in a disappointed tone

John: Shhh!!.. lower your voice dude what's wrong with that I mean I give her the deed and she pays me ... it's a win win situation [wink eye]

Jabu: But I told you that's what broke her heart at first and you want to break it too

"It's better because you won't ruin my plans I know" says John leaving Jabu shocked


Vuyo: Hey would you like a table or something?

Nomathemba: No I'm actually here to check up on you...are you good?

Vuyo:[Smiling] But you have my numbers why didn't you just call?.... but since you are here already.... I appreciate you and I'm great thanks and yourself?

Nomathemba:[Smiling too]I'm good too... do you smile to everyone or it's just me you smile with?

Vuyo: except of my family I have no one to smile whith so ...yeah.. only you...

Nomathemba: Can we sit!? there's something I wish to ask you...

Vuyo:[sits] which is!?

Nomathemba: How are your feelings for me ... I mean I just want to know if you hanging or something

Vuyo: I really don't know.... but I like you.
Nomathemba: Just a "like"?
Vuyo: What's this all about I mean I asked for friendship and what happened between you and I the other day was just an act.

Nomathemba:[a bit loud] An act!?.. WOW Vuyo WOW!

Vuyo: Uhm....look ... don't get me wrong I really like you and I enjoyed everything that other day even today I still enjoy your company... it's just some of the things needs to be forgotten no matter how much it meant.

"What's your point actually!?... are you saying there's no chance you could ever date someone like me!?" asks Nomathemba confused

Vuyo: Yes that's correct!

Nomathemba: [sad]Am I that bad?

Vuyo: No you are perfect like I once said.... it's just....look at me.... I'm not so well financially I don't even have a good sense of dress code so... You're kinda too worthy for someone like me.

Nomathemba: [shamed] No! Vuyo money doesn't describe who you are...it is what's inside you that describe your real character I mean financial being might change anytime...and you are wise I mean you said you are studying an IT right?

Vuyo: oh yeah! speak of that.... I just got my degree day before yesterday...

Nomathemba: [Feeling happy for him] Oh that's great news hey....so now you started applying right?

Vuyo: Yes I did....and I'm shortlisted on a bigger company called Columbus...

"I knew you were smart and I know you will get that job" says Nomathemba giving him a hug

Vuyo: Thanks Noma I hope it's mine too....[looking deeply into her eyes] you don't really look good.... what's going on Noma?

Nomathemba: Nothing I'm just happy for you that's all

[manager calls Vuyo]

Nomathemba: I have to run hey enjoy the rest of your day.



Nozipho: I'm glad you picked up I was worried about you....are you good?

Nomathemba: [teary] I'm scared.

Nozipho: I don't think you would wake up if it worked....maybe she just never proceed with it.... I mean it's 10am now so I think you should relax

Nomathemba: But she never said anything about time so I guess I will only be relieved tomorrow or at least after 12 midnight

Nozipho: I doubt it.

Nomathemba: My mom's here to check up on me...talk later thanks friend

Nozipho: Alright... I'll show up there soon .. I want to be with you through this time.... bye....[hang up]

Nomathemba: Mom I'm okay you don't have to worry about me.

Mom: I just wanted to be sure...[pulling her closer]... come on let's get out for some air ...you can't be sleeping for the whole day!

Nomathemba: Alright mom... let's....[she fell]

Mom: Oh my god! what have I done...Noma!...Noma!... please wake up!
Brother: Mom what happened?
Mom: Call an ambulance! harry up!

Brother: Isn't it the curse day?

Mom: I don't believe in that ...she might have had a heart attack or something because she's scared ...call the ambulance now
Brother: let's lift her up I'll drive her to hospital

[on their way out Nozipho showed up]

Nozipho: [dropping her bag ] Oh my God so it's true....no no no! this shouldn't be happening
Brother: Please help us take her to hospital
Nozipho: But the doctors won't find anythi.....
Mom: Will you help us or not!?

Nozipho: [helping]

[They drove her to MidGen]


"Everybody move I want to start working" says John

Mom: [teary]Please save my daughter!
John: I'll do the best I can...now move!

[Everyone got to the waiting room]

Nozipho: Why should we let the doctors examine her when we know very well that she's cursed
Mom: Let them do their job please!
Brother: I think Zipho is right I mean....!
Mom: Gift I said let's wait for the doctors can't you listen?!

[John comes with examination results]

Nozipho: [stands up] Doctor what seems to be a problem?
John: We run a few test of everything that we thought could be the problem but she's all well.... except for the machines that doesn't operate the way it used to.

Mom: And what does that supposed to mean!?

Brother: Is my sester okay? just talk doc

John: The machines doesn't show any heart beat..and her blood pressure was too high which could mean she had a heart attack...so... we did all we could but at this kind of a situation... we're sorry to inform you that....

Mom: No!....No!....No!...[kneeling down and crying] we were talking right about 2 hours ago and she was .... healthy....and...

Nozipho: Mommy look I think it's time we try it the "curse" way

Brother: You are right Zipho.... let's start calling all her recent ex boyfriends.

Jabu: And what is exactly the curse way?

Nozipho: It's a long story.....but needed is her true lover to come and kiss her.

"If that's true then it must be easy because she's been in love with the doctor" says Jabu pointing John

John: Uhm...yeah...it should....so...are you saying it should be a true lover...how?

Nozipho: Must be someone she truly loves and must truly love her too.....[her phone rings....] excuse me![answers a phone]

Vuyo: Hey .... you must be Nomathemba's best friend are you?

Nozipho: Yes I am...and you are?

Vuyo: I'm Vuyo.... your friend once called me using your phone .... I'm trying to get hold of her and she doesn't pick up....last time I was with her, she really seemed not too well...are you with....

Nozipho: Oh Vuyo she told me about you.... she's in hospital right now...she collapsed

Vuyo: What!? what happened.... I mean I'll be there shortly!

Nozipho :Okay! [hang up]

Brother: Alright then doc(john) my sister was witched by a powerful whitch so please kiss her.

John: No I don't believe in such.

Mom: Me neither

Nozipho :The curse will last for 3 hours and we are left with only an hour and 45minutes so we better start trying now.

Brother: What do you mean try!?... she's been in love with the doctor isn't it?

Nozipho: Only if they were truly in love it will work but if not then we'll have to call her exes

John: are you doubting my love for her?

Jabu: Don't take it that way ... she has a point I mean what if you loved her but she didn't?

John: What's your point actually!?

Nozipho: I sent a text to two 3 of her exes and it seems like they're rushing here so they might pop up any time soon.

John:[angrily ]How dare you call my girlfriend's exes while I'm right here!?

Brother: She's trying I mean prove her wrong then!?

John: like I said....I don't believe in such

[exes(Sam, Themba and Xolani) shows up]

Them: Hello everyone....we got an agent text....what happened to Nomathemba?

Nozipho: Please help us wake her up ...she was cursed and she will only survive with the kiss of her true love

John: No one's going to kiss my Girlfriend

Zipho & Brother: Then kiss her

Jabu: I honestly think you are doubting yourself....kiss the girl man!

John: I will do it if I want to.... but there's no way I'm kissing her just because you say so

[Vuyo show up too]

John: And who the hell is this?
Vuyo: I'm just a friend of her.

Nozipho: Guys we only have 30 minutes left.

Brother: You know what...this is my sister, and you....[pointing John] you won't tell us what to do.... it's either you kiss her now or you let others do

Nozipho: Well thank you Gift... Sam how would you like to start?
Sam: But we broke up a long a go

Brother: [Angrily]You see this thing of you guys coming to my sister's life with your fake intentions.... You either kiss her or get the hell out of here now!

Xolani:[kisses her]

Nozipho: It didn't work...you didn't love her?

Themba: [kisses her too]

Nozipho: With you I thought as much!... please Sam you are the most recent ex

Sam :[kissed her as well]

"Right the 3 of you get out" Shouts Gift pointing Sam,Themba and Xolani

Mom: I told you there's no such....all this was a waste of time!.

Nozipho :The only person who can help is the Doctor[pointing John]

Jabu: I doubt .... I think it's over with Nomathemba [worried] we only left with 10 minutes [covering his face]

John: the reason why I didn't want to do it is because I know there's no such...but let me do it anyway [he finally kissed her] .....see I told you

Nozipho:[Slowly sitting down in tears] Ohw God! my friend!

[Everybody lost hope and some crying]

Nozipho: [sadly and crying] so the... witch was right that Nomathemba is not.... wait a minute...[stanfing up]

Brother: What is it!?

Nozipho: There's only one person remaining

Jabu: I think it's too late... only 2 minutes left and how will he arrive in so short time left?

Nozipho: He's here already [looking at Vuyo]

Vuyo: What!?...[shocked and wide open eyes]

Nozipho: How come I forgot you....she said you seemed to love her and she only came to you yesterday and why didn't she go to John?

[Everybody surprised]

Jabu: Man how would you like to be a hero!?

Vuyo: We never really spoke about our feelings that wa....

Everyone: Just kiss her!!!...

Vuyo: Okay okay ![In tears he came and kissed her]

Nomathemba:[opening her eyes] What happened?

[everyone shouts!:...yeeeeeaaah....thabk you Vuyo]

[everyone was happy that Nomathemba has finally found true love]



Zinhle: Hello Nomathemba .... I'm glad you woke up.... I'm sorry for our recent conflicts
Nomathemba: No worries hey
Zinhle: Congratulations! you are 3 months pregnant

John: Wait! are you sure she's 3 months.... I mean we only started doing the deed 2 months....

Nomathemba: I....uhm...you know..

John: [Shouts] talk woman!!?

Brother: don't shout at her.

John: Who's the father!?

Nomathemba:[calmly in tears]So finally I am pregnant a child of my true lover!?....[jumping to hug Vuyo]

Vuyo: Oh my God!

[the two had a very long,warm and tight hug]


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