Chapter 7

When omaira ask the housekeeper about how he knows her he was startled at a moment and started to speak to her.But the words from him make omaira anxious and confusions rushes her mind.He asked her how was your life after leaving this mansion?She shocked at moment and some flashes of memories came to her mind.In her childhood she met with an accident and loses her childhood memories.So she doesn't know what happens before when she leaves the mansion.She didn't even remember her mother's and father's face in her childhood memories.But the politeness of housekeeper makes her uncomfortable.A Feeling that she met him before.But doesn't remember him.She went to the terrace of the mansion for breathing some fresh air.After some time she went down.But while walking through the steps she felt that someone is following her.She slowly turned her head but nobody was there.But suddenly she started to see some weird things.A lady is walking through the steps but she is exactly like omaira.In her hand there is a small child.She is also walking through the steps with her little legs talking to the lady.It's like the child is lady's daughter.But how?Omaira close her mouth with her hand and started to breathing slowly.She knows she is seeking some illusions but it's like a real thing.Suddenly a man comes towards the lady and hit her head with a flower vase.The lady is injured and fainted in the steps.He took her and the child to the hall.Omaira also followed him.There was more people around him in the hall.But nobody is talking.The lady is murdered by him.But the soul of the lady suddenly comes near the child.Only the child can feel her presence but she is in a trauma.She is not speaking crying or nothing.She just sitting on the floor like a statue by looking her mother lying on the floor without any emotions.Omaira tried to see the face of the murderer.But when she saw him she shocked and suddenly feels paining in her head and fainted in the floor.

What happens next?
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