A letter to the bravest women...
To someone, I always wanted to see smiling,

I hope by this time, you are happily married. I hope you did not lost your individuality and uniqueness by changing your surname.

I hope you are prospering in your career and there are no financial crunch in your life.

I hope your husband is the best partner you can ever get and he loves you in a divine order. I hope he is not dominating you and you are proud of him.

I hope you are more than just a wife, mother or daughter in law and you are primarily identified by your profession.

As you are reading this, remember, I'm so proud of you. You are the strongest woman I've ever met.

You faught to your difficulties miraculously. Your smile is a hope that things do get back on track when you don't surrender to your problems.

I'm sending all my love, respect and good vibes to you. Welcome them. Love them. Embrace them. They're all yours.

Your's smile lover.

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