light of darkness
Good morning students , ( Good morning mam) . Student's today we have a new student . Hi everyone I am Ivy , ( hi) . Very good don't you have to say anything eles , no mam , okay . You can set whit eva , Okay thanks mam , hi , ummmm hi , don't you want to ask me anything else nop , okay . Student's open your book page no 18 paragraph 4 second line , ( bell rings) Okay Ivy you should take notes from any other students , no no need mam I have already done all past work by myself , Ivy you're really smart thanks mam , hey Alex do you know that we have anew student she is really smart , okay intresting , what's her name , her name , her she comes , my name is Ivy , anyways , hey you are really smart and beautiful girl , thanks, will you teach me , which subject , all subjects , okay I will teach you tomorrow at 3 you can come to school library I will teach you there , okay by , byy she is something , what see their our campus queen is coming , she more beautiful than that girl you should be friend ume not that silly girl Ivy , hey Alex are you listening .

Next day

Hey Ivy what are you eating , I am eating chocolate this is my favourite , oooooh okay , by I have my class Tobias , hey I am in your class to can I come with you , okay , hey alex loke she is going with tobias to her class , does he want to die , hey ivy , yes Alex what happened , nothing I am in your class to can I come with you , yaa sure , ( Good morning mam) Good morning students okay let's start classe , excuse me , yes , are you mr . free , yes, are you hear to meet you're sister's eva and ume , ummm no , okay come in , brother , i - chain, brother free , how are you , I am fine , brother who is she , she is your third twin sister Ivy , are you really Ivy yes I am , Iam so happy to see you , let's go home one sec, let me remove my make up , It's not my real face , so what's your real face , wow you're so pretty , you're even prettyer then me , now let's go home

To be continued.....