Love of life story-2
I told you there are millions of love in the world and we are Reading the next love story.

A girl name sara. Just 17 years old girl. Living a normal life. A girl full of positive energy. nothing is negative in her. But she was little weak in studying.

One day on she find a friend in interest. That boy is exactly opposite to her.

His name James. He is 18 years old. His parents both are runs a company. Money is not a problem for him. But he is full of negative energy. He doesn't have many friends. His parents are mostly at work. They don't talk much.

One day he post a image full of tired and he write down that he don't like to live.

Sara see the post. She comment for the post that. "There is nothing in the world that cannot be solved by positive thinking". Our girl is full of positive thoughts you guys know.

After seeing the comment he text her that "what do you know about it, to comment like this". After seeing the text she reply "who are you?".

He text that "Now that you comment for my post, so i ask you".She ask "what is your name? ".

He said "just call me "J"ok". She ask "why did you post like that? what's your problem?".

He said "My parents both are doing business, there is no one the house to give me a care, that's why i post like that. Yet your asking what's the problem? How did you know, you must have your parents to love you".

She reply "why don't tell this to your friends?".

He text that "Do you think I don't want to? I don't have a single friend ". She Ask shocking,"What you don't have a friend?"

He reply,"I have but they are only talking to me because i have more money than them".

She text "Real friends didn't do like that".

He said "That's why I'm saying I don't have friends".
He sent some sad emojis. Sara think a little and ask, "Do you want to be my friend?".

James went shocking to see that and he get a little happy. He ask, "Really?".she said, "Yes". He reply, "What's your name? ". She said "just call me "S" ok".

He text, "ok". Then she said, "I don't have money like you, but don't worry I will not spend my friends money". He send a smiling emoji. She said, "I am working part-time jobs, i have to go now. Text me if you have any problem".

He said, "ok".

This is how our Sara's love story starts.

Sara works part time in coffee shop next to james parents company. Sara saw James parents many but she don't know that. After she said bye to james and went to the coffee to work.

She supplies coffee to the ones who ordered and cleaning the tables. Jame dad came to the coffee shop. He said to sara that "Same". Sara nods her head and him a "iced black coffee".

He didn't talk to anyone normally, because of over work. He usually read some books in feee time and coffee time.

Sara look at the book he reading and ask, "Uncle, do you like Sherlock Holmes?".

He looks at her and said, "Yes. Sometimes it is interesting to read". In the whole shop and company he only talks to sara normally,

Because once he was in the coffee shop a supplier accidentally slip a cup of black coffee in his book. Sara already read the book, so she tell him the story in that page where the coffee is slip.

But he like listening to her, so she finished the book in 20 minutes and talk to her normally. Then she usually call him "uncle". He call him "sara". James mother came to the coffee shop at afternoon so she didn't she sara.

The next day everything goes normal for Sara. But for James, he try to talk to his parents at breakfast.

James: Mom, dad can we watch movie?

They get shocked to hear it from him. They also love james, But they have work to do. They said ok to james.

In evening he get ready to go and text sara about it, because she is the only friend he have.

He text, "I am going to watch movie with my parents". She finishes her homework and look at her phone and reply him, "Great. Watch a nice movie".

After that she went to work at coffee shop. James parents took him to theatre. Suddenly his dad got a call and he tell James that, "I have some work, you watch the movie with mom". Then he left.

Disappointment filled his face. His mom watch movie with him and they were very happy. After movie they went hotel and had dinner.

His dad went to the company and walk faster, sara see him going Very fast. He went fast because, a important dealing file is missing it has to be sent faster. He went to search after 30 minutes he found it and sent it to the other company.

After that he attend a important meeting and sit in his chair and took his phone his wife text him, "we had our dinner and went to home". After that he got hungry. The reception call him and ask, "a girl sara want to meet you sir". He tell them to let her.

She came to his office and give him dinner and said,

Sara: Uncle, you said, you like veg salad. So i bought this for you.

CEO shen: I just got hungry. Now dinner is here.

He smiled at sara and finish his dinner and talk to her. Then she left.

The next day, evening james text sara, "I had a nice day with my mom".

She reply, "what about your dad? ". He reply to that, "He has work". Sara thinks he might be sad so she said, "He is working for you, so don't worry ". He reply, "Yes. If you say it was correct".

Two years passed like this. Jame dad and sara become so close. He told his wife about sara. His wife saw her in the coffee shop at school holidays. They become a little friendly. But James started to fall in love with sara without seeing her.

With sara help James got a friend a good and true friend name, Ravi. College first is going to start.

I don't know if it's a fate or destiny. James and sara are in same college. James father want him to be the next heir. so he sent him to the college. His dad recommend sara to the same college because after she graduated she can help him in business.

On the first day of going to college. They didn't notice each others. The day is normal. She doing her part-time job usually. James dad and his mom came to the shop looks so tension. Sara went to them,

Sara: Aunty, what happen?

Sara mom looks at her and said,

Mrs. Shen: We have a client now. He ia so hard to please.

Sara: Who?

Ceo shen: He.

He showed his finger at a man walking from car to the company. Sara look at him and said,

Sara: Sin uncle!

They both looks at her with surprised eyes. And ask,

Mrs. Shen: Do you know him?

Sara: He is my friend's dad. He like me so much.

Ceo shen: Then sara, do mind come with us to help.

Sara nods and talk to the client. They talk so normal and the deal is ok. They started to like sara so much.

One month went like this.

Then at college. She accidentally bumped into ravi. She say "sorry" and left.

After class at canteen ravi tell james,

Ravi: James, i bumped at my angel.

James: So what?

Ravi: What is the reaction? Don't you think that she is beautiful? Look.

James looks at sara. In her white dress with a stunning face. She is like a angel. But, James only like his online friend "S".

James: Yes. She looks pretty. So what?

Ravi: What? Don't you like her?

James open his mouth to answer, but ravi said,

Ravi: Yes, i know. Your online friend S is the only girl you like. Hey, why don't ask her to meet you?

James: I don't need to sew her face to love. You look at your angle and love.

Ravi look at sara and said,

Ravi: Of course. she is my angle.

Then at the evening james text sara,"my friend like a junior, what can i do? ". Sara looks at the text and reply "then try to help him". He text, "what if she didn't like him". She reply, "then comfort him. Hey, sorry J i have to go work now". He text,"no problem".

Sara started to work at the shop. Her friend came and sit with a great smile. sara give her a coffee and said,

Sara: What happens to the great queen priya now?

Priya: what do you think?

Sara: Did some one make our priya fall for him?

Priya: No. I hit our senior,while going home.

Sara: Who?

Priya: Our college no.1 handsome.

Sara: Who?!

Priya: I know you don't know him. He is James.Don't tell me you didn't see him.

Sara: I didn't.

Priya: I thought that you will say this. you like J right?(with a sly smile)

Sara: No. He is my friend.

The next day Sara was going to college. Someone accidentally hit Sara fell and say "sorry " and run quickly. James going that side in his car and see that. He thought of helping ravi. Then he went to sara and helps her to stand.

Sara fall for James at the first sight. He drop her at college and ask her,

James: You're sara. Right?

Sara: Yes.

James: We were in the same Department. Can we exchange numbers?

Sara: Sure.

They exchanged numbers. Then went to class. After the professor left. Sara and priya went to out. Sara tell priya what happen.

Priya: I think james like you.

Sara: Really.

Priya: Then why did he gave his number to you? He didn't give his number to anyone in His class. you're such a beauty.

At the same time James tell Ravi about it,

Ravi: What a good friend? Ask sara out. We can meet.

James: I ask her.

James call sara. She is with priya.

Sara: James calling me.

Priya: Atten.

Sara: Hello.

James: sara. I'm James.

Sara: Ah, what Happen, senior?

James: Me and my friend didn't have many friends in college. Are you free tomorrow? We can go out.

James was very nervous.

Sara: Sure. My friend want to go out. Can i come with her?

James: Sure. I sent you the address in text.

He cut the call faster. He smiles at Ravi. Sara tell priya about it. She get more excited then sara. Tomorrow is a holiday. They went out James introduce ravi to them and sara introduce priya to them. They went to amusement park.

Sara: I like hunting house.

Ravi: Don't you afraid?

Sara: Its all fake. Truth can be seen by heart.

James looks at sara surprisely. He feel like S.

Priya: What? Do you afraid?

Ravi: No.

They went in. They planned that ravi separate with sara inside. But in the dark james separate with sara.

They can't turn back so they keep going. They find keys and keep going. While searching a key sara triped her leg and fell Into james hand. They accidentally kissed. They look at each other,...

To be continued...

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