To let chaos into your life is necessary. It tests your mettle. Lest one says,"I prepared my whole life for the inevitable but alas! when the inevitable showed up, I was at my wits end." We spend our lives finding order, from the miniscule of things to life-changing decision making. We, as humans, feel deep sense of pride and security in knowing that we have achieved order, order in our daily lives, order in our financial plans, order in our personal life, order in our social circle, order in every sphere of life. It is ingrained in us from the moment we enter our schools to the time we retire from our jobs. And rightly so. Because if there is no order, there is no sense to life.
But enter chaos. What beautiful a motivation it is!To aim to let chaos in one's life on purpose, be called a fool so, and then to find method to the madness, to find the talism to control that chaos, well isn't that what living is for. Weren't the vast spheres of existence discovered, weren't new technologies developed, weren't new horizons ventured when one chose to embrace chaos in the order of things.
'Embrace chaos in the order of things.' Yes, that's the mantra I seek.

What a dream was my life
When things were laid in an order
From my thoughts to my visions
Somewhere was a picture broader.
Enter chaos with all its might
And the picture became clearer
In the war called life
Order was just cannon fodder.

© raaifshah