The world is best known for its ectacsy, success stories and celebrations. These make life interesting after all.

Right from the time a baby was cuddled in the womb by its loving mother, there have been those potential .

Men and women wake up to bustle and hustle down the streets for a change in financial status, fame, comfort, visions, etc.

Men work hard to make things right. They nurture and master their dreams, backed them up with goals and perspiration.

You know what,? goals load the bullets, and perspiration pulls the trigger.

In the course of trying to achieve those goals, secrecy cements and establishes them beyond the recognition of distractors.

Do not disclose your intentions and goals prematurely to people who probably are not there with you.

Get it done by keeping some secrets to yourself.

There is strength in secrecy.

Dear me, you had worked so hard to abort your dreams through careless talks.

Get it right.