The night of the moon elves. Chapter 5 Return to Eglarest.
Evelyn and King Alavorn got ready the next morning. King Alavorn wore a light blue elvish robe with black pants and boots, he also had a silver elvish crown with a white gemstone in the center. Elven decided to wear a pink elvish dress. It had lace sleeves and it had a silver belt, she also had pink shoes, and she had a silver elvish crown with a white gemstone in the center. King Alavorn and Evelyn got onto the main ship and they set sail to Eglarest. Then King Alavorn pinned Evelyn to the wall and he began to kiss her neck.

Evelyn: " (*soft moans*) Alavorn please don't stop."

King Alavorn: " I. Love. You. (* continues kissing her neck*)"

Then King Alavorn took her to the bed and he was on top of her. Evelyn then placed her hand on Alavorn's cheek and they both looked deeply into each other's eyes.

King Alavorn: " ɩévél𝗎n. ( Evelyn)"

Evelyn: " ɩalavorn. ( Alavorn)"

Then King Alavorn kissed Evelyn on the lips and it was a passionate kiss. Then all of a sudden they were attacked by a giant sea serpent. It was a black water dragon with black scales and purple fins. Then Evelyn's body began to glow. Her true form came out and now she was the fairy of the moon. Her top had pearls on the shoulder and at the back, it also had a short fabric on the front with a blue jewel. Her skirt was blue with pearls around the waist and a big blue jewel, she had bands around her legs with blue jewels on them with a single pearl between the two jewels, her gloves were long and had blue diamonds at the top with pearls. She had pearl earrings with blue diamonds on her ears, her necklace was a star with a moon in the center and it was used for fairy dust. Her makeup was blue on the eyes, and blue lips, she also had a moon elvish crown, and her wings were blue with blue gems at the end used for fairy dust. Her hair went from red to a white color and it was in a single braid. She then look at the sea serpent and it roared at her and she had to use her powers.

Evelyn: " Moon spear."

The moon spear hit the sea serpent on the side and it feared Evelyn and now it had swam away and Evelyn flew back down to the ship and Alavorn hugged her. King Alavorn was amazed by Evelyn's true form he was in love with her even more. Alavorn then took Evelyn's hand and they went back to their chambers they both kissed and now Evelyn could live a long and happy life with King Alavorn. Then King Alavorn pinned Evelyn on the bed and he began to kiss her neck.

Evelyn: "Ah Alavorn please don't ah s-stop."

King Alavorn: " I don't plan on stopping and you were amazing in battling a sea serpent I love you even more."

Then King Alavorn and Evelyn decided to wait until the war was over and then they could show their true feelings for each other. They reached Eglarest the next morning and they decided to go to Tar kingdom where the two black dragons were. It would take them up to forty days and forty nights. King Alavorn and Evelyn would set out on their journey the next sunrise. They need sleep for the night back from the sun lands and battling the sea serpent.

To be continued...
Will Evelyn and King Alavorn reach tar kingdom or will they bump into more black orcs?
Find out in chapter 6.
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