Hundred bliens
some much
some over
some an
some on
some ever
some off
some in
some later
some will
some bare
some act
some lative
some naked
some lavel
some friends
some griend
some triend
some at
some with
some as
some oh
some at
some all
some anct
some oats
some bill
some bien
some liesting
some time
some willy
some pilly
some olaur
some louill
some lill
some mill
some asted
some westeads
some pliet
some polite
some wovour
some trieaeae
some plient
some fall
some native
some norms
some matter
some on to
some an later
some bill to
some all ever
some is I'll
some of time
some of kile
some oh mine
some oh crien
some in hide
some oh wide
some on favour
some on trieaeas
some an at over
some on at Marie
some is well
some to bell
some is lick
some to wick
some an belative
some an noun
some an pro over verb
some on through
some on adjection
some is thound
some oh ever
some oh surround
some oh will
some on my own lative
some is your
some in mores
some for you
some in me
some of you
some you to tea
some you an later
some in an behind
some in an lake
some in an friend
some is an lavel
some in na tries
some in an age oh wine
some on oh lieaeas
some is an bunch
some on oh tunch
some oh ever crieaeae
some oh thrieaeae
some is an will

100 bliens of live and some oh alives

some on for till
some is ever mine
some of humble
some in mine
some of me in my later
some in you to bow
some in on an taper
some in an low
some an in bow
some is an shoe
some one in knowing through
some as in live oh liells
some in oh wiell
some is an later
some is an of waiter
some in an how
some in an of bye
© Thakur Ants on Ounts