Splash of blood on a white sheet Part -1
The scandal could ring the death of his career. The naked woman in his bed lay with unseeing eyes staring at him. He stood over her with a knife in his hand and no memory of who she was or why he had killed her?
He thought in fear, what would he do now?He did not remember anything except that he had gone to the club at night.
He started trying to remember what happened in the club last night and who was this woman.
He got her identity card from the woman's bag, First he had to hide the body of the woman and all the evidence was against him.
Then there is a call on the woman's mobile phone and he starts wondering whether the phone is up or not,
The ring of the mobile phone was tied up and a message came from "Mother where you were whole night".
He understands that the woman also has a child.He starts to get sad and he himself is suffering in his mind.
He gets ready and walks to the club, he parks his car in the parking lot outside the club and gets out of the car only when he remembers something.
Last night, his car was parked at the front and some two men were quarreling with the woman and he saves the woman from both.
But all was blurred. Remember: He was not sure that the woman was the same.
His head started to hurt and he tryed handle himself and enter in club. As soon as he goes under the club, the memories of last night start appearing in front of his eyes.Everyone was enjoying wine and dance and everyone was watching him It was all like dreaming with open eyes.
That's why once the waiter calls the man, Sir, your glass of liquor is here.He stared at the waiter and asked do you know me?
The waiter said that last night you and a woman came here together and you had a lot of fun and singing here.You had done a great job here because of some bad guy with you had a fight outside the club.
He asks who was that woman, have you seen here before last night.
The waiter said no, she came here with you for the first time.
He did not understand what happened to him last night here.
He comes out of the club and two people standing in front of him were staring at him, he did not pay attention and goes to the woman's identity card with her address.
The person who goes to the address gets the child of a woman who is 8 or 9 years old,
The boy knew him and said that last night had saved his mother's life but since last night my mother has not come home.
He looks at a photo frame and he asks the child, is this your mother?
The child has said that this is my mother.
He felt that someone was playing dirty games with him.Because the woman who had a body in his house was not the mother of this child, whose mobile was it and who sent the message. Then the child gets a call on his mobile and he was talking to his mother Then he takes the phone and talks to boy's mother and calls to meet him.

Part 2 coming soon

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