The day started like any other. They woke up, made breakfast, and then went about their day. They went to work, came home, and did their usual things. But as the day went on, something changed. They started to feel a sense of excitement and happiness. They knew that this was it. This was the day that they were going to get married.

They had been planning the wedding for months, and they had picked the perfect day. It was a sunny day, and they wanted it to be a special day. They had invited their friends and family, and they were all excited to be there.

As the day drew closer, they started to get nervous. They didn't know what to expect, but they were ready for it. They got ready, and then they went to the wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony, and they were happy to be married.

After the wedding, they went to their reception. It was a lot of fun, and they had a great time. They danced all night, and they felt happy and content. They knew that this was the beginning of a beautiful journey. They were married, and they were happy.