The date has been set.
There is no turning back.
The exam is undeniably upon me.
Yet still, I procrastinate.
I sleep, in the middle of the block.
I sleep, in the middle of the day.
I sleep, in the middle of my life.
Could I possibly hate myself more?
Never before has there ever been a greater saboteur, than mine own self.
This is crunch time.
This is GO! time.
Yet I am so done with this whole process, this hot air balloon of intangible accomplishments.
I need something tangible to focus on, something real, something that is not just more of the same.
I just need to hang in there for two more weeks, and then I will be free of this particular burden, if only to take on another one.
But with this one, I've reached the end of my intrinsic drive and endurance, it is simply a matter of seeing it through to the end, and see it through I will, for a thing worth doing well, is most certainly worth doing half-assed, even if that's the best I can manage to do, because it is the best I could do.
C'mon man, just try. That's all you gotta do. Try. You're almost there. Bismillaah.

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