my day of triumph
A sweat trailed down my neck soaking my beautiful dress as I sat uncomfortably on the fancy red chair. I was so nervous that I felt like biting my nails to comfort myself.

My gaze swept across the cozy hall, looking at other contestants smiling, though it was evident some smiles were fake but I was the only one sweating!

I tried composing myself but once again, another time sweat dropped.

I looked at the judges going through everyone's works and nodding slightly while whispering things to themselves.

The dim lit hall was cold tranquil and clouded with so much tension. The writer beside me had her fingers crossed praying to God that her poem would win the prize and award, though she had a confident smile on her face.

I tried to wipe my sweat with the back of my hand but my hands were trembling.

The judges would raise their gazes at us and return writing some things in their papers. After they were done, they handed their papers to the host who went on the stage with a microphone and began.

"And the winner of the yawg international annual writing contest is.........."

So much suspense, so much anxiety, so much anticipation, so much pressure, so much tension, so much prayer, so much tranquility...... In one hall filled with writers who had made it to the finals.

I shut my eyes for a moment to think of what would happen If I won this contest. I would publish my books, I would travel to Paris, I would invest, I would gain fame, but those things didn't matter. What mattered was I would sponsor the less privileged but talented writers especially teenage once who have limited financial access.

But, what would happen if I lost this contest. Life would go on, I'll try again next year, I'll keep writing, I'll inspire teenage writers, I'll go back home to those who would help me recharge my hope. Those didn't matter, how was I going to face those who criticized me and told me I would never win?

I opened my eyes and looked around again, then put a smile on my face. It's either a win or a lose, I can't do anything about it.

"...Aurora Smith!!!"I heard. I looked around to search for who Aurora was,

"Aurora?" I called softly searching for Aurora.

Realization hit me hard like a moving train that I was Aurora!! H-how?

I found my legs and walked to the stage as slow as ever to take my prizes. I was so excited that I didn't realize when the paparazzi were taking photos of me.

It felt like the best day of my life, I felt over the moon, it was indeed a picture perfect day for me. All my life, I've dreamt of being on this stage posing for the paparazzi but the happiness that overwhelmed me made me feel forget those poses I practiced. I only stood there holding the glass award in trembling hands and trembling palm.

I couldn't believe this day was here, triumph is mine!!
© -Heppie Leo