The Hospital Night Series - 4
Josh : I have an idea. I think this is going to be best way to save our reputation and we can also get rid from this blody problem.

George(curiously) : What ?

Josh : I know man who can help us and you have met him also at our last group meeting

George : Max norison

Josh : He is our last option .

[Victorious mental asylum]

A middle age man is sitting on a rocking chair. The chair noise is the only sound which is cutting the silence from that room. The man is in a kind of posture that he is in very deep sleep. His hands are join and are placed in his chest. Now a wardman come inside the room and said

Wardman : Sir there is a letter from Dr. George, head of charity hospital.

Max : Put it on the table and bring a coffee for me without sugar

This is Dr. Max he is a psycologist but his working way is very different from other doctors .

Max open the letter
Greetings Dr. Max it's George Head of charity hospital. I need your help. Please read my problem carefully.

Last Saturday in my hospital a new was addmitted who once was under observation of Dr. Mathew. But due his unfortunate death government gives us the responsibility to cure that patient. He is showing very wierd symptoms that me and my collegues are unable to understand. Pls Dr. Max I cannot tell you the full details in this letter but this is my humble request and I know you are our last hope because authority would not believe on us on what we are facing.

I have also add an envelope inside the letter where you can find some details of him and recent observation record is also within.

Max is very curious about this now because they way George has written the letter it seems his hand was shaking at that moment. Max open the envenlope but when he open it and read the name a mysterious smile come in his.

Max: Look child we gonna meet again
And then he smirk and goes back to his old memories.

Year 1928 , The Saint Maria Speciallity hospital and college.
In a old chamber 5 year old boy is tied with ropes a priest with holding cross in his right hand and a bible in left hand . He is chanting the words in great voice . And the boy is very badly twisting is body like he is in pain he is a todler but still is so powerful to shake that bed on which he is lying .

Its a rainy night, thunder is blowing outside reaven birds are crying loudly. Overall it is a horrible night like the demon has born on earth the air is so creepy . It is unabling all the humans present in that room to breathe normally. . ..