Chance for form of Flying Bird
If you believe in reincarnation, who would you choose as your next life-form if you had the chance? But if you don't believe in it, explain why.

I believe in reincarnation because I believe in God. All over the world, you will find such people who tell the memories of their rebirth and also tell people what they were in their previous lives and what happened to them. A child who has never been to such a place and he describes that place, then we consider him to be the child's hypothesis, but when we will go to that place and when we come to know that it is not the imagination of that child but a fact, Then we are amazed and start believing in reincarnation.
At the moment, I do not remember anything about my previous birth and I have not got this good fortune, so I can tell which form I would like in my next life. I would like to be born as a flying bird that can spread its wings around the world. In this human form, only you have to follow many rules and laws to cross the borders to see your country or the world, whereas no law or border can stop a fan. A person can speak, understand and do all that work with his hands. Whatever human beings do in their life, they are always harming nature.
I want to see all the forms of nature in the form of a bird. I would like to lose the beauty of the earth by flying from one side of the world to the other. From the high springs of the rainforest to the sandy whirlwinds of the desert, from the snowy mountains to the plains lands, from the colorful lakes of water to the blue seas, as far as my wings can support me. While flying in the sky above, the view of the earth below is very spectacular or not, I will also fly with curiosity in my heart. Whatever is the vision of this human life, I would like to fulfill it in the form of a flying bird.
But this can happen only when God Himself can give me a chance to choose the form in the next life. But this is not possible because if everyone gets this opportunity, then the balance of the world will deteriorate and humans are disturbing the balance of the world anyway.
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