Possessed with demons!
At my new office, I met a girl, Hillary, who took me to church on the 3rd week of hooking up, we had just began seeing each other, low-key.

In church, that fateful evening, as service went on, they asked for new members to identify themselves, I stay-put, didn't act like I heard. Pretended looking at my Bible, with all seriousness.

And my girl taps me and says "JK., stand-up for everyone to know you." Goshh, I reluctantly stood and waved with a smug smile. And church greeted me with a welcome song. I nodded a thank you, waving hallelujah. Amen. while shaking some weird hands.

Hillary smiles and tells her youth leader I'm her boyfriend from way back, school. Damn, meeee? since when? Youth leader looks at me, smiles and waves welcome to god's vineyard, bro. Ok, that's enough I mumbled quietly. Fake smiling, I nod back an amen.

As service went on, Pastor finished sermon and begins deliverance prayers; my girl was all fired up, she starts misbehaving, falls and began rolling on the floor like she was convulsing. What is going on I tried to ask youth leader? He says shes in the spirit. what spirit bro?

Ushers moved quickly to pick her up while pastor was speaking in languages I don't understand, Kabashing and screaming yes, yesss, fireeee! Fire what sir?

Pastor walks to Hillary, then shoves her forehead, and says "who are you in this body? she says, she's a demon." "Pastor asks how long? she goes; I've been in this body for 5 years and I'm not leaving!" Omo, what is this? I didn't wait to hear the rest! Jesus had to wait first!

I need to save myself first before she says we're 'demoning' together, you know...? Especially as she had introduced me and I was waving like a dummy. Now, everyone's looking at me like I fell off the sky. Sister Leah who sat close to us had already changed her seat, pretending she was binding and casting, too.

Maybe demon is contagious I thought. I murmured but no be me be the demon nau! Why are they looking at me laidat? I start to feel weird.

So, I disappeared before Hillary regains consciousness from her demon mode.

Next day she calls, says program finishes today. I told her I've been transferred to Alaska, earlier today. I had considered Abuja, but you know Abuja is nearby - it's like a 10minutes walk for a demon. She says no way and ends call.

What hurts me most is the misrepresentation and lack of trust, like why didn't she just tell me she was a demon before? I should have known nau. Haba.

I've been wondering myself, and conclude; she made me tag along for her exorcism? Dammnn! that was full disclosure at its best. It was T.B. Joshua-esque. so dramatic.

But, the problem now is; I don't know if she's transferred some demons into me, especially as we've been shagging randomly since we met and without contraceptive.

Who knows if condoms prevents demon from passing through? I asked myself, while recalling a week ago, my man, Jay had jokingly asked why my eyes always looked red since I met Hillary - like I was possessed by something.

We laughed if off and asked what he meant? he goes "JK., it's like in movies, where those who are possessed have this scary demonic eyes, you know?"

Omo, what is this? Who knows if I'm possessed too? Now I can't help but think I'm being inhabited by a demon.
who has been lodging and chilling in someone's body for 5 years.

Bro, think I have to go for exorcism too. who knows if the demon's cousin is living inside me for the last 3weeks we've been shagging.

Ok, I need deliverance. I concluded I'll see Hillary's pastor. But the problem is, what if the demon says she entered me through sex from Hillary, everyone in church Will know we've been shagging. ah, no way! I can't risk the exposure.

So, Jay suggested white-garment Church. He says they'll flog it out at night. But another problem is; what if people at office ask why body looks battered from flogging?

We get there, they're are all dancing in White, moving round me like clowns in a circus and chanting some weird incantation rituals. Next a man with a bowl of holy water and koboko shows up dancing and next thing is my neck he whips so bad. screaming it's an holy whip, while wetting lashing me.

I want to run, but no way, they tied me, you know they ain't playing. Man says oloriburuku must go, and keeps whipping me crazy.

My body can't take it anymore. I start begging "I'm free, no more demon, oshey jesu christy, release me". Man says no, until I confess. Sir, I'm already confessing. Wtf!?

Now, I'm angry. I ask him, Sir are you mad, is it your demon? release me abeg before I invite other demons to scatter this place. ode.
Pastor, now screams orukoo jesuuu, Aminnn oo, Oloshi ti free, release him and let him go.

I've been dealt with badly. in between, there's no demon. I was flogged like a thief for nothing.

Dear Charly,
I'm writing, again ✍️

© jk writes!