Welcome to Ephesus
The crazy lady had some sort of operation going on with a little girl named Tara Lyn and were most likely dealing Drugs to a woman named Glenda, everyday the same strange thing, I just can't put my finger on it, Tara Lyn had brown hair past her back long and looked like a little Indian kid or a Lord of the Rings character , she is always dressed up and silently moves around unbothered in a princess's dress decorated with bright blue colors im not used to seeing, , she reminded me of an okie from Muskogee, I ate all her candy and she didn't say anything, i hate candy but i enjoyed stealing the candy from a baby
I pick up trash i bless the streets with silver and Gold coins and decorate the trees and poles by showing quarters inside wherever they will fit, , in trees and piles and corners no one will see,but they did see, because when I had no money's left I went back and they were no where to be found
Donavon the crazy woman's son has 2 kids with huge heads, I'm talking about big headed people like you never seen and wrinkled foreheads that stick out so far they remind me of the Neanderthals, they ride unicycle and bikes they smell like drugs and alcohol and video games and sex, they also have a confidence about them that really seems familiar , the younger brother is a dj and his music is always playing sometimes I hear him yell in fits of rage and listen to him shut it down quickly, a smart feller with a bulging brain I guess , the other one looks like the great e 40 if he was young and slimmer, and white, he reminds me of a bandit that lost his soul to a banshee, and then tried to gamble with a griffin. He reminds of someone who refuses to listen simply for the fact that it's peaceful, I'll bet he's violent when no one watches, I'll bet he doesn't even like video games, I'll bet he calls women she and he's, these Neanderthals from the future will brainwash themselves and their opponents, I stay away from smart dangerous smells,
johnny is who everyone talks about in Nineveh because he punches people's face out for no reason, he has amnesia and can't remember stuff so after he smokes a cigarette he amnesiac out and punches someone because his cigarette is gone, he broke the crazy lady's device and went to the island.
Donavon goes by the name donkey i watched him graffitti it on his temple in the backyard, johnnythe father of Tara Lin the she devil, in recovery from a traumatic past life that froze his daughters years and weeks in an attempt to be himself and his well being being, she is a she devil I tell ya , I can see her Dagon princesses and idols filled with stuffing. EVERYTIME I go to use their restroom there is a water beast watching me through his bandana, it never makes a sound, everyday I pick up trash and if I don't I always think to grab it on the way back or save it in case I have nothing to do , I started making clocks again but not as bad as before ,the sun shines funny in this world and the traces of cars are never ending , the crazy lady insists that I call her my Aunt crick, and she wears robes and smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, her medicine cabinet could keep a hospital supplied for emergency use during some kind of Armageddon or dooms day, her small disfigured dog is as big as an ash tray, for all the cigarettes she smokes , it's a terrible habit she started at 6 years old running with strange warlocks and freaks, she knows that she knows that you don't know about what she knows, because of her generosity and love , I act like I don't know, because I don't know, she smells like danger and vicious mind powers , with a fervent prayer to God the creator of the Universe, she also loses things and insists I eat like I've never had food before, I enjoy eating her cans in the kitchen box, I wake up and start the clocks every morning, and the hours I give to God to bless these strange people with a unicorn anointing , something new and fresh, and unique, the strange people in these strange times and place have opened there door to a stranger like me,

© lifegate21