The destruction of friendship
Finding someone's excuse is important because that person shows how much they value you 🙂
But when it comes time for you to make excuses for someone, why can't we think that it hurt someone badly?
Think about it....
Valuing your own and others' self-esteem is also important
Love yourself and respect others.
How easy it is to say.....for example
One was a girl and the other was a boy
They both were very close to each other.. They really care for each other but one day the boy finds his love. And he forgets a little about his friend.. Both friends used to talk to each other everyday but there was a wall between them. Both the friends were so rude to each other because the boy's priority changed but the girl's priority was still her friend that's why after some time the girl got angry and hurt her friend. The boy began to ignore his friend. She notices and hurts herself very badly, then she also starts ignoring him but always talks first even though the boy avoids her... She always thinks that her friend never changes but...
Everything changes when priorities change
So love yourself, respect other feelings