Chloe #1. Boarding school
Chloe unpacked her luggage carefully as if she was inspecting if there was something she had forgotten to purchase, before her parents left her in the school they had promised her it was going to be her second home.

The dormitory prefect was tall, dark and beautiful, her sheepish smile exaggerated her beauty but there was something amiss in her deep horse voice,something Chloe noticed from the time the school principal asked her to take her to her dormitory.

Her name was June, she spoke too little to Chloe when was necessary, something she found so absurd too.Chloe begged June to go bid her parents good bye, she wondered why her parents had finally accepted the decision to take her to boarding school especially her mother who had never shown any interest in that.

Evening came and reality hit Chloe hard, all her fears of being in boarding school was confirmed.Dinner was served at 6pm and one hour later she was in classroom for her evening preps.
She missed her brother Roy so much and wondered how lonely he was already and missed the bedtime stories she told him before he slept.

She looked at her classmates who seemed to be enjoying the school life so much and choose to learn the school routine by observing them and accepting everything that happened around gracefully.After all, she wanted to be a medical officer and her father had reassured her that she will have enough time to study hard there.

June came to take her to her cubicle later, after she was sure that Chloe was done with her homework.
'Do you have a friend yet' June asked Chloe excitedly.
'Yes, I got you ' Chloe answered in a flirty voice.
The conversation between them was short but Chloe learnt everything she needed to in order to get alone well with everyone in school.She thanked June so much for being like a sister and more than a friend in her first day in boarding school.

© purity ndinda