I am Muslim and I wanna say something to those people who hate religion on the basis of sinners . No hate to any other religion .
I have seen many hate towards Islam just because our religion contains much sinners who just ruined a peaceful religion. Many of you believe me and many of you don't , but my trust on this religion I know that Islam is not a bad or terror religion , but 50% of Muslims in this world are like those which do shirk , violence even it is said that a person who do shirk , violence or any other crime ,do not call yourself a Muslim .It is a biggest sin towards Allah ( God ) and you know because of these sinners , good Muslims who are peaceful and follows this religion as peaceful it is they just got hide but if you dig you will get to know that not everyone is bad and we shouldn't blame religion on sinners because a sinner who doesn't have heart how can sinner will have a religion . THANKYOU
© Ayesh