Siren Love Story. Chapter 5 Love Confession.
Layla and Prince Coromisia woke up the following morning she got up and swam to the vanity and she began to brush her long black hair. Then someone swam up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. It was Prince Coromisia and he placed a flower in her hair it was a white flower and it was called a pearly white flower that grew in the castle gardens. Layla then got ready for the morning walk and brushed her long black hair and she put her hair into a single braid. Layla then put her ruby jewelry set on. Then Layla put on her ruby seashells. Then she swam to the throne room and Prince Coromisia's parents looked at her and they were all ready for the morning walk. Prince Coromisia took Layla's hand and they both began to swim. Then they both stopped and they said goodbye to the king and the king did something for the both of them.

King Drake: " How about you two go and have some time together."

Prince Coromisia: " Thank you, father."

Layla: " Thank you, your highness."

They both swam away and Layla got ready for the night she swam to the secret cave and she saw Prince Coromisia on a rock. She swam up to him and jumped onto the rock formation and Prince Coromisia held her hand. Layla and Prince Coromisia looked deeply into each other's eyes.

Prince Coromisia: " Layla can I tell you something if it's okay with you?"

Layla: " Of course you know you can tell me anything?"

Prince Coromisia: " Do you remember while you were still human you saved my life from the local fisherman and his daughter?"

Layla: " Of course. Why do you ask?"

Prince Coromisia: " I choose you to be my mate because you are not the other humans who hunt and kill our kind. I'm just gonna say right here and now. I fell in love with you and I love you I've always had ever since you save me from a local fisherman and his daughter."

Layla: " I also have fallen in love with you ever since I saved you and you saved me. I was scared at first but my father then told me not to be scared because you were scared and I only wanted to help you and you allow me to. I also love you as well."

Then Prince Coromisia placed his hand on Layla's cheek and pulled her in for a kiss Layla kissed Prince Coromisia back and then Prince Coromisia asked her a very important question.

Prince Coromisia: " Layla will you be my mate?"

Layla: " What did you just say Coromisia!?"

Prince Coromisia: " Will you be my mate? Please I can't live without you. I love you."

Layla: " Yes of course I'll be your mate you don't know how long I've waited for you to say that."

Then Prince Coromisia hugged Layla and they both kissed once more now Layla was going to stay in Aquarius forever with her mate Prince Coromisia and they were happy.

Prince Coromisia: " I have to mark you and show everyone that you are my mate."

Layla: " What do you mean you have to mark me?"

Prince Coromisia gently put his lips on Layla's neck. He kissed her neck and Layla let out soft moans.

Prince Coromisia: " Can I please mark you?"

Layla: " Yes. I trust you Coromisia no matter what?"

Then Prince Coromisia gently bit her neck and she let out a soft moan and Prince Coromisia licked her neck. Layla then kissed Prince Coromisia and Prince Coromisia kissed Layla back and they both swam back to the kingdom. They both went into their chambers Layla brushed her long black hair and Prince Coromisia swam up behind her and wrapped her arms around her.

Prince Coromisia: " I love you, Layla. My precious ruby."

Layla blushed a little bit pink and she was the happiest girl in the world she slept with Prince Coromisia that night and then snuggled together and they both drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...
Will Layla and Prince Coromisia finally have a wedding or will her mother come in and ruin her big day?
Find out in Chapter 6.
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