Mansion Part -II
The view and awaiting crew were all around here. Already there was dew outside. The path turns to be slippery and wind blows.
I don't want to be a prey of those walls behind cage. Could somebody fix it up ? Damn its a rage to abandon me.
Pray to God to fold my afterlife birth.
We will be all bound to to get used of it. There is an one call from heaven to bring back of life. Don't fall out to be a fool of dark nights. One of who suck my blood, feed his need and drown down in flood.
He was throned on a crown.
You are bore of my story. I am sore to burry my worries in time. The light is dim, window frame is bent to avoid of passing air.
Why it only happens only 3'0 clock. The time ticks sharply and get me sick. It's a scramble pick of yours to prove wrong.
To be continued...
© Flaws