†rue Love wins

on one romantically
beautiful evening..
but I was late for a date..

Amu: oh sorry! am late?

Musu :
u r good-4-nothing!!
u r late for date!
its now 5pm. u told
u will come at 3pm..

sorry sorry mera pyaar!
I got a lift from L-plate car
and the car acted suddenly..

nice acting! u r a L-plate!

so I thought I would come
by auto!
and the auto driver was
more sleeping and less driving
he told"I slept late yesterday"

he or u slept late yesterday?

so I got down from auto.
and started walking
towards ur house.

and one tortoise told u
"if u can win the race
with me"

Amu :
How Tortoise can win me??

Musu :
Because it is more
Clever than you

Arre sorry jaan
Late ho gaya ..
Ishq ke liye itna
Tease mat karo
I can win race
With Tortoise..

Musu :
What ...
Ha ha 🤣🙂🤣
Why you want to
Race with Tortoise??

To prove am quick

Suddenly one tortoise
Really comes out from
Nearby pond

Tortoise :
What ..what ..he you
Now you race with me
I challenge you ..
I already won race
With the hare ...

Musu :
Oh my God..🤣🤣
Tortoise really came
Ab mazaa aaye ga ...
Chalo race ..start karthey

So race begins
between amu
And tortoise..

Tortoise walks slowly

Amu runs very fast
Just one more step and
Amu wins...but ..

Musu calls.

Amu listen ..

Yes darling
My goddess musu

Musu :
Bichara let the Tortoise win

Why...what ..
Ok cos you say ..
I do so ..musu !
I obey you musu

So amu pretends to sleep

Then finally tortoise wins

Musu :
Wow .. Tortoise you win
Take this carrot halwa as prize

Tortoise.. becomes very happy

And it goes back to
Pond area ...

She tortoise:
Arre kya hua ji ..

Slowly and steadily
Wins the race ...
Your love made me to win
I won the race

She tortoise:
Waaaw .. happy

...they both become happy

Musu :
Amu now you understood ??

Yes ..you didn't wanted
To destroy their joy..
You are a great angel

Musu :
*Smiles*. Let's go now

Actually I saw one gift shop!
and I purchased flowers.
gifts, chocolate..etc
So I was late

Musu: I know ..
I was just teasing you

Moral :
Musu is an angel
She thinks about
Poor creature joy also !!


© amusu