The Zombie Apocalypse (Part 2)
A few days had passed and the governor’s worry was reaching its peak, he called a meeting with his administratives in his office and also called his beloved friend, a governor at Rome to discuss solutions to this epidemic torturing the citizens and the governor himself. A small, dim yellow light lightened the dull and messy office, with a cupboard filled up to the brim with books and important files. Papers lied everywhere upon the brown tiles of the floor. In the serious meeting, with serious looking and sounding administratives, the governor’s friend spoke in an odd tone, “I know this is very distressing for you friend but you must think practically, why don’t you send some people to take care of the zombies in the outskirts of the city while this organisation of yours works on the antidote..” The governor desperate for any solution exclaimed, “Yes! That’s the great idea my friend! I will totally look out to it!” And thanked the man across the line and kept the phone. Returning back to his original serious voice he addresses the administratives, “Call 2 militant officers, a civil servant, a scientist to simultaneously do research work at the site and a chief commander working from here tracking their location and sending them crucial information.” An administrative spoke up in a professional tone, “So sir, shall we call Commander. Shaurya and Sattvick, Professor Samira, Sir. Rishan and Chief Commander Chetan…” The governor nodded approvingly. At once all of them were called, Rishan, who at the moment was at his residence was ringed up. He was extremely Panic-struck by the happenings, he’d been extra careful while going outside, which had become rare with the apocalypse. He’d managed to avoid the first wave of infection but he didn’t know what would happen the next day. Hearing the administrative’s voice on the phone sent him into terror, why was he chosen to do such horrible things, he tried escaping the duty by making as many excuses but the administrative was adamant constantly telling him that he could not back away from his duty towards his country and that he had to come. He kept the phone sadly and took his bike keys to proceed to the government office at once. The 5 friends soon gathered in the governor’s office and the governor instructed them to take a seat. The governor looked up at them with a serious look and explained everything, the five began exchanging confusing looks. Samira asked hesitantly, “So, sir what exactly do you want us to do??” The governor mumbled in a slow voice, “Go and do this task, not for me, but for the country and the citizens of the country who are lying infected on the grounds of Spain this very moment.” Sattvick, angered as he did not want to get involved in the first place got up and shouted, “Why us? Why only us?” The governor said, “Please calm down commander Sattvick..” Sattvick hesitantly sat down, everybody else told him to calm down too. He mumbled a few derogatory words under his breath making sure the governor couldn’t hear him and then focused back onto the subject again. The governor instructed, “Commander Chetan, you’ll stay here and monitor their activity and avail them any help they require, okay?” Chetan nodded. The governor finally said, “Pack up your stuff, you’ll be leaving this afternoon and residing near the edge of the forest Niebla, which is the part most infected according to a survey by our brave scientists, who went out into the battleground in these dangerous times.” They hurriedly left the office and began discussing the mission in whispers before leaving to their houses to pack up.
At 1 pm in the afternoon, all of them gathered outside the government office. The governor standing in the reception waiting to meet them one final time before their mission said pointing at a table kept next to them, “Here are some guns and weapons you shall carry with yourself for protection. More weapons and your lab tools will be sent over in a day or two..” All of them nodded, Samira quickly headed up to her laboratory to collect some stuff before leaving. When she came back, the others were ready on two bikes to leave the office, Rishan with Samira and Shaurya with Sattvick. Before they headed off, the governor shouted, “May you succeed in this mission!” None of the them smiled at him, whilst Chetan who was standing with the governor on the steps of the government building waved a small bye, Shaurya reciprocated the same with a small smile.
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