Something is wrong with her....... (section 2 )
"Thankyou, for giving me a reason to get off you"
said Adria and run towards the behind alley , Snehan couldn't understand about what she is talking but later felt a little embarassed. His *so called* girlfriend then started again hesitating and said " Why do you make friends like those girls , * a cheap fellow girl*, am very angry with you babe " , Adria was hearing all their conversation from behind the alley after hearing such a thing from his girlfriend and realising that Snehan itself is a piece of shit she run away from that place too, after that she promised to herself that she is never going to talk with that sh*t .
Later on Snehan's girlfriend kept saying those things and Adria kept igmoring both of them . She was really upset as Snehan was her first crush.

( After some days )

Adria was completely changed after some days she neither talk to anyone nor reply . But she was afraid that if she face her crush even once more she will be in real struglle cause she can't stop herself from falling for that person cause Snehan was actually a kind and cute boy.
Once her tutor asked her to bring rest of the notes from Snehan , She at first thought of denying it but later thought of returning the pen she borrowed the pen earlier. She walked towards Snehan and find him again with her girlfriend,
"hey , Snehan sir asked me to borrow the notes can you please give me " said Adria , Snehan was just grabbing his bag to give the notes that her girlfriend started flourishing and said " Look Adria stop bothering and let him have some time with me and yah , if it's about the notes he will give it himself sir , so now you can go ", Snehan looked embarrassingly towards his girlfriend and again she start saying " Snehan I told to not make frineds with such a *cheap fellow girl* " , after that Adria left with making a sad moisture.
Snehan harassly saying " What the heck you think you are , can't you see that she just came for borrowing notes ,and what do you think that you are you are not even my girlfriend just your father request to care of you , your father is so wise how can you be this much freak , can't you shut your mouth yes Ik now I kept my mouth shut cause I did not have any choice but not now go out from my life you heck " he said to his *so called friend and left.
Same day , when Adria was going towards her home thinking about how to give back his pen , Snehan came out of nowhere and with grabbing her wrist , running towards the nearby garden .
"What happened ? What are you doing " saying Adria , Snehan was panting , I...I ...have..... something....tell you... , " Its okay I know it's about your girlfriend don't have to be sorry" ..
Snehan " no , no, not about that " , " then what " ,
" I actually wanted to say you something that
_I LIKE YOU_ , from the day we met ,from the moment I met you , I have just fall in love with you ......
- To be continued
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