Love of life story-1
There are more than lakhs of lovers in the world.​ Let's see the story of their love.

There is a girl named Riya, who went to Los Angeles to study there. She wants to return to her home. Her family was living in London. But she still needs to study in school.

She wants to return because her father got a heart attack. She was returning. When She was leavening the airport. Someone bumped at her. He looks so handsome. She was impressed at the first sight. She was stunned at the time. But he was in a hurry.

That boy: I am sorry, sorry.

He apologizes so fast and runs on the flight returning from new york.
She thought "he must be here to receive an important person". She thinks that and left the airport to take a taxi and return to her house.

He was waiting and someone came. He shot at that,

That boy: Brother, here brother

His brother: Rio. How are you?

They hug each other and smile.

(That is Rio's brother working in abroad. Rio lives in London with his sister-in-law and their girl named mary.) They left the airport to home in their car.

Riya went to her house. Her uncle,( her father's little brother) says that.

Her uncle: Riya, your father has severe heart pain. We need to take care of him.

Riya: ok uncle. Thank you so much for your help.

Her uncle was unmarried and he help them to take care of his brother and his business. They went inside the house.

She hugs her mom and cries and then her uncle tells them to don't cry. Her father sits on the bed and said that.

Her father: Riya. You are young, but you need to manage the company. I write the company under your name. So, take care of it.

Riya: I don't know anything about it, how can I handle it?

Her uncle: I teach you.

Her father: Your uncle teaches you, don't worry. Finish your school here we sent you to college in new york. Your uncle teaches a little while you are here.

Riya: Ok, father.

She went to her room and unpack her things.

At Rio's house. His brother and Rio return home from the airport. His brother's wife hugs his brother and smiles.

Brothers wife: I miss you so much. Very much dav...

David: I miss you too lily.

Rio: Brother, sister in law miss you so much. Then mary misses you so so much.

David: I know. Mary...

His daughter came out of her room and run to him and hug him and said...

Mary: I miss you so much dad. (Her voice and actions are so cute.)

David: Daddy bought you toys.

They go inside. Then he went to his room and take his and everything out.

Lily: How many days will you stay here?

David: Don't worry. My company is successful in a deal. I took a part in it. So they gave me leave to rest. I will stay here for six months.

Lily: Really.

David: Yes...why do I have to lie to you?

They kiss softly for a second. Rio came inside and turn. They both take a step away and smile with little

Rio: Sister-in-law, brother. Oh! sorry I didn't see anything.

David: what do you want?

Rio: Yeah...don't shout at me. I am hungry. I want to eat. Mary is too hungry.

Lily: ok,ok. I will come.

They went to the dinner table and finish their dinner with a lot of memories and smiles.

Riya joined a school. Riya is a beautiful girl. She is always kind, but if someone talks with an attitude she also replies with attitude. Many boys like her in school. There is a girl named Sofia. She didn't like her from the start. One week passed.

When she is sitting on the basketball court a ball almost hit her. Rio suddenly cath the ball and said" sorry".

She remembered that he was the one who bumps her at the airport. But he didn't know her. Then left to play. But, she has a little crush on him.

After one month. Riya gets more marks in the exam than Rio. Her name was top of the board. Riya got only one best friend at school name, Marina. They went to look at the exam mark board.

Rio went to Riya's class and talk to her with an attitude.

Rio: I hear that the new student get more mark than me. I came to see who it is.

Sofia: Rio, Don't think about that. I thought that Riya must be cheating to get more marks.

Marina: Sofia. You're going out of the line. Who cheats?

Riya: Marina, calm down. I am the student, what do you want?

Tina: Sofia, I don't think that Riya cheats on the exam.

Sofia: Are you my friend or her's?

Tina: yours..

Rio: You are the one sitting at the basketball that day. I don't know that it was you. Did you cheat?

Riya: who cheat? Don't talk nonsense. If you want to get good marks study don't talk like that.

Rio: oh...I thought you didn't.

Sofia: No...she must cheat.

Riya: Sofia, I don't know why you hate me. But I didn't cheat. You are the one who took cheat paper on shoes and look that when the teacher turn around.

Everyone started to laugh at the class. Sofia gets embraced and sits on her bench. Then Rio laughs and gets out of the class.

Then when the school ends Rio came to Riya and say that,

Rio: Don't be like this or no one likes you.

Riya: I don't want your advice.

Rio: No other girls in the school talk back to me. You're the first one. See you at the next exam. Ms. Cheater.

Riya: Who is a cheater? You lier.

Marina: Do you like him?

Riya: Who likes that lier?!

Marina: Let's go home on the bus while chatting.

Riya sweated so much and tell her something. Then she returns to her car. They went to their house.

David: Rio, you are first at school now too. Right?

Rio: No. Someone else.

Mary: someone else. Uncle, is there someone else who can beat you?

Rio: There is. It is her.

Lily: who?

Rio: I met her at the airport when I went to receive you, brother. Then meet her at the baseball ground once.

Mary: Did you like her?

Rio: who likes the arrogant girl? Let's eat and sleep.

They talk and went to sleep.

Riya came to her home. then put her bag away and take a little bath. Then finish her homework. Then went to eat with her mother, father, and her uncle.

Riya: Mom I miss my sister.

Mom: me too.

Dad: me too.

Uncle: No one can forget her.

They had dinner and went to sleep.

Five months go like this. Rio and Riya fight at school it went like a daily thing.

Something happens the while.

Later Rio started to like her. But no one knows that. One day Rio gets punished for fighting at school. The teacher tells him to run on the ground fifty times.

Riya doesn't know why he was punished but after running thirty rounds, he got tired of that time she came and talk to him and run with him.

Riya: If you run with me. I help you to solve your homework.

Rio: Oh, ok. don't forget.

He runs with her.

Rio: Thanks.

Riya: why?.

Rio: To help me to run.

Riya: Why did you fight with him?

Rio: I will not tell you. (He runs away).

Riya: yeah.

Marina: Riya I search for you at the whole school.

Riya: Why?

Marina: I am going to Tokyo.

Riya: why?!

Riya asked with an shocked voice.

Riya: I only came here for six months. Why did you leave me? now.

Marina: sorry. My dad got a permanent job there. I will come back some years after.

Riya shakes her head and leave. Marina shout that" I am leaving tomorrow evening".
Riya runs away.

At the airport, she runs in a hurry to see Mariya. She bumped at someone. It's Rio. He catches her.

Rio: Why do you run fast?

Riya runs again. Mariya is about to leave. Riya shouts and hugs her with a big cry.

Rio: I get it why you run fast. Hey...

Riya: What?

Rio: Afterschool, tomorrow evening came to the airport in a nice dress.

Riya: Why? So why are you here?

Rio: just come. I am here to send my brother.

Then Riya said ok and then they leave.

After school tomorrow. She came to the airport. Sofia, tina and Rio's two friends are There. She thought that Rio was going abroad. A voice calls her from the back. It's Rio. He walks toward her with a rose.

Rio: I love you.

Riya: why did you propose to me here?

Rio: Our first meeting was here. So...

Riya: that's it.
he stands up.
Rio: Yeah. Are you going to accept or not?

Riya: yes. Yes.

They all smile and clap. Rio can't control he kisses her at the airport. His friends and others shout that " look first where you are".

Then Rio took her to his house.

Riya: why did you take me here?

Rio: To meet my family.

Riya: so fast.

Rio: Just come.

Rio pulled her and came inside. Lily hug Riya when the movement she saw her.

Riya: Sister, you live here?

Lily: Yes. It's my husband brother.

Rio: Did you guys know each other!?

Lily: 3 months ago. I came late at home after shopping. I said that some people trying to rob me. It's her who helped me.

Rio: Then it's easy for us. Sister-in-law , we love each other.

Mary: Mom, who is this sister?

Lily: it's your future aunt.

Riya: Sister!!

They talk and mary likes Riya so much and after a day he tells his brother on a phone call and shows her.

At school, she went to sofa.

Riya: Sofia, if I do something worse for you then sorry.

Sofia looks shocked and said,

Sofia: No. It's not that.

Riya: Then?

Sofia: I love Rio's friend, Mark. But after you came, he start to look at you. So that is why I am angry at you.

Tina: Yes. Sofia likes him so much.

Riya: Then I help you to get your love.

They all became a friend and help her get him. They went to all the fun places and have fun. Sofia and Rio's other friend, mark fell in love.

A year passed they were all finished school. Riya is at home.

Her dad: Riya, you have to go to new york.

Riya: I didn't forget it. Can I come back after I went?

Uncle: Yes. Definitely. Our company is here.

Mom: Don't worry I will take care of your dad.

Riya: mom, dad, and uncle. I love someone.

Mom: We all know.

Riya gets shocked.

Riya: How!?

Dad: we investigated you because you were so happy.

Riya: Did you guys agree?

Uncle: Yes. Go.

Riya get happy and went to tell her friends. She talks to Marina on the phone sometimes she tells her to. But when Rio heard it he get so angry. Riya calms him down.

Riya: I will come back.

Rio: I never think that our love will end like this.

He went home. He didn't talk to her. She cried overnight.

On the next day, at the airport. She was about to go. He didn't come yet. She turns and walks a few steps. Someone shout her name. Rio hug her and smile.

He kisses her. They recall their past at the airport.

He waits for her...

​After Riya went to new york, she met Rio's brother. She studies there. After a year his brother asked Riya.

David: Riya, I am not in London when you guys fell in love tell me about that. I want to know.

Riya: Why?

David: When I was there. He tell me that you are arrogant. How did he love you?

Riya: That idiot. I tell you.

Riya started to tell.

Riya: When we are at school. He went to a party with his friends. But while returning he was hit by a car. His was dropped and accidentally calls me. I took the phone. Then Rio murmured that"Riya Riya".

I was shocked and frightened by that. Then I took the car and went to see him. But while going the way my car broke down.

David: What? What did you do?

Riya: I see the way is there any car and bike that are coming. But a bus came and it went to the party roadside. But I get afraid to get on the bus. But I took the bus for him and went to the place I call an ambulance while going.

I was severing while traveling. When I get there at the time he was on the road blood was flowing like a river. I cried and run towards him and try to stop the bleeding. Then the ambulance came and I took him to the hospital.

David: Why do you afraid to take a bus?

Riya: When I was little, I live here with my sister. She was younger than me and cute. When I returning to home with my sister from school at school bus a traveling bus came to the opposite side and had an accident. In the accident, I lost my sister. Since that time I will never take the bus.

My father understands my feelings and sends me to Los Angeles to study. But he has health issues so I came back.

David: Hence you are afraid of the bus. You took it for him. Why?

Riya: I don't want to lose someone else who is important to me.

David: After that what happens? Did he love then? Wait I was there at the accident happened.

Riya: Yes. You are there. After he woke up at the hospital. He sees me sitting near him. He said my name. I left while crying. I don't know what happened after that. But...

David: But what?

Riya: Marina told me before she leaving that she told Rio that I took a bus for him even i my nightmare of the bus. She told him a day before she left. Before this happened Rio was once punished at school. I don't know why he gets punished.

She told me that some students take bad about me so Rio beat them. So that's why he gets punished. I moved from that. I thought he must have moved too.

David: Then did you guys talk to each other at school?

Riya: I thought that too. I but nothing change. We fight daily that's a regular thing.

David: So you told him that you like him.

Riya: no.

David: Then who proposed first ? When?

Riya: Marina went to the airport at the same time you went to take the New York flight. I rushed in a hurry to see her and I accidentally bumped into Rio. He came to send off you.

Our first meeting was just like this. That's too because of you brother.

David: Me?

Riya: Before six months you came to London that time Rio came to pick up you. At that time he bumped me in a hurry.

David: it's destiny that you two met each other.

Riya: Yes. After I send off Marina. He told me to come to the airport tomorrow. I said ok and came. Our Love starts then. It was quiet embarrassing anyway his proposal was way too fantastic. Everyone in the airport at that time knows that.

David: Everyone in airport!

Riya: Yes. Because your brother proposed to me in a way.

David: Lily said that rio was sent as a transfer student to abroad.

Riya: Really, he didn't tell me anything about it.

After a long talk they get hungry. So they decided to go to restaurant to eat.

Riya: This restaurant always have great food.

While returning riya felt that there someone she looking for.

David notice her and ask,

David: What happened?

Riya: Nothing. Just something felt a little familiar.

David laugh under his hand cover his mouth to hide the smile.

Suddenly someone called out riya name loudly. Riya turn to see that.

Rio: RIYA... Did you miss me?

Riya can't control her tears. She run towards him and hugged him tightly and said,

Riya: Yes. Otherwise who i will miss.

They both smiled and kissed each other and went to home.

This what life teaches us. We need to stay strong at every time and be happy. We need say out loud about how we feel about others or we will feel sad for missing the chance we have at the time.

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