Splash of Blood on White Sheet-2
He meets Celina and he asks her if I trust you, Celina said yes, He asks about last night what happened to me last night? , I don't remember anything. Celina says that last night when I was at the phone booth, two goons came and started mistreating me. That's when you saved me from both the Criminals.
Does he ask what happened after that?
Celina says then you went to the club and I went to my house, I did not get my id card from my purse for which I went to Complaint today,
He gives id card to Celina.
Celina takes the id card, it turns out that her photo was not on the id card,
Celina said thanks and asked where did you get this?
He doesn't take anything and leave.
He does not understand what happened to him.
He does not go home and sits on the street bench.
He goes to the police station and he tells whoever is with him, The police inspector visits her house but she did not find any dead woman or any evidence.
The police inspector says that there is no one in your house, neither a woman's body nor blood and that mobile.
But he forgets to tell about Celina.
Everyone was understanding that his brain condition is bad. And also he was in deep Shock.
Earned with such a lot, the honor and fame are erased.
After 6 months he was living in an old flat, he was just wondering who was the woman who died on my bed.
The doorbell plays and he opens the door, Calina is at the door, he is shocked to see Celina, There was someone else with Selina, She was the same woman who died on his bed.
He gets nervous and asks how are you alive and what happened that night?
Celina says that she is Isha and she is my husband's sister, and you remember what you did to us?
That night, Isha met you outside the club and I added drugs to your drink so that you can not remember anything.
He asked, "Who are you? Did I spoil you?"
Celina asked Do you know Thomas?
The one you fired and you didn't even listen to him, Thomas was my husband, you fired him from the job without knowing what his compulsion was, but later Thomas committed suicide. Thomas committed the theft to save his child's life.
After listening to all this, he started crying and said that one of my mistakes would cost me so much, I had not thought.

Moral: don't judge anyone without knowing them situation. Some mistake ruin whole life.

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