Words of Wisdom
External world will never always be as per to your liking. But you are always responsible for the thoughts you bring to your mind. Practice to always choose Positive thoughts no matter the circumstances.
Remember, circumstances will never always be positive. That is how the world is designed. It is planned out as the University of Hard Knocks. There are times when Life tests us, when life throws lemons at us. But the question is how will you choose to respond to that time. Whether you decide to swallow it or make a lemonade out of it, the choice is completely yours.

This mind of ours is a factory that create infinite ongoing thoughts every second. Thoughts are subtle bundles of energy that impact our health, determines our attitude, that create our feelings of happiness or distress. So, to be happy, to do a better work, and to become a better person, we must harbour better thoughts which requires the purification of mind. In order to manage your mind, you need to understand the gap between the environment and your mind.
The positive nature is that I shouldn't let the external disturbances hamper the peace of soul. In any circumstances, you can choose to be Happy. When we don't realise this gap between the outer environment and our thoughts, we feel others are responsible for my negativity and bitterness...etc

No matter how hard or difficult the situations become, you're free to be happy. It's the choice that you make. Situations may become unbearable, but whatever choice you make, you're the only one solely responsible for it.
We are responsible for our thoughts.
Now the question arises, What is Responsibility?
It's our ability to respond not to react. Those who don't understand this are the reactive people. They don't feel responsible for their thoughts or actions. That's why they indulge in the blame game, where they blame others for the problems in their life. Whereas the Proactive people will say, yes whether I'm good or bad is my responsibility.

Most of the person thinks in this way -
That Love will happen to me and I'll fall out of it, without realising that thay do have a responsibility. Love is not something that happens, love is a verb where you choose to think well about others. You choose to be a good finder, you always see the best in people, shower loving thoughts.
People are riding the waves of their feelings. If you're not going to take charge of your mind, the mind will become your worst enemy.
Do not let people's ugly mindset or actions bother your inner peace of mind. Be unbothered, Be cool. Be happy no matter what. Practice Meditation, it'll help you calm down. Find peace in soul.
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