"Black, White.."

Titles I received as a newbie
Strangers I passed by
They never knew me
Stories were their lullaby

Strangers believe those rumors
They blacken my name and tarnish
They never really knew me
They never bothered to ask

There was never really a "how" or a "why"
That is how I believe the society is
They love the dramas and the rumors
They dance in their imaginary stories

and that is why I choose to be a silhouette

No colour, no race
A shadow and a shade
A mysterious colour
A questionable figure

"Who?" would they ask
Silence it stays
Dance and waltz it would
Never an answer to them

Does my silhouette live?
Is it happier than me?
Does it have friends?
Does it have a company?

All I could say was,
"It never die like I do
It never hurt like I do
It won't have friends like I did."

We are both bestfriends but my silhouette gets to live.

© Ve Nu