Dear diary entry 3

Dear diary,
How did you sleep?
Did you dream about me?
Can Diaries dream?

Well, now Anyways, It's morning,
And I woke up, Feeling really happy about that dream,

And then I realized that my mouth was watering , for pancakes,

Like a real strong craving for pancakes,
Like, Nothing will stop me from eating a pancake,

So I made my way to a Diner that serves breakfast, and I walked in,

I get stares that made me want to leave,
But I ignored them, They were probably haters,

So I walked over to the counter and was greeted by a friendly waitress, She said,

" Welcome to Brian's breakfast house, what can I get you for today?" She asked ever so politely,

I smiled radiantly as I could, and replied,
" I would like to order some pancakes, please."

"Yes ma'am, I can do that. That would be 3.99, Ma'am." The friendly waitress smiled.
I smiled back and gave her a 5 dollar bill.

"Keep the change, I'm feeling really nice today." I smiled.

"Thanks so much! I'll have your food to your table in no time!" The waitress smiled giddy and walked to the kitchen.

I found a decent table and sat down,
And the random stares continued,
As if I was a celebrity or something,

And then, That's when I heard,

"Wow, I've never seen an Albino girl before!" A little kid exclaimed.

"Oh my, She really must be one!" A woman said.

" That's crazy!!" A boy exclaimed.

And soon enough, I'm the topic at every diner table, But I just wanted a pancake, that all.

"Is she an alien?" I heard another kid say,
Feeling so much embarrassment, I just buried my phone in my face,

And started to log in on Writco, then the pancakes came,

"Um, can you please just make this to-go?" I asked her, quietly.

She must have seen my embarrassment, Because she nodded understandingly, and went to get a to-go box, immediately,

But my pancakes were already cold, and I felt so alienated, but she just seems so understanding, Compassionate,

"I'm so sorry that you're experiencing this. Just ignore them." The friendly waitress said.

I smiled as I left the Diner, Feeling so unsatisfied about how everything went,

And honestly, Who's to blame? Pancakes
I didn't even get a chance to eat,

As I walked to my car, I seen a homeless guy that had wore tattered clothes and shoes,
I walked up to him and offered my pancakes,

"Sir, I think you need to eat this, they're pancakes." I smiled at him.

He looked up me, as if I was a angel and gratefully took the box.
"Thank you so much, miss, God bless you. You are a angel." He said, full of gratitude,

And that made me feel so good and happy,
To have someone see me as not a alien, but a good person,

To see the beauty of me and not my abnormalities,
That's the feeling that left me satisfied,

And on another note, that's why you'll never see me eat pancakes ever again,
Never again, but if I'm offered any, I'll happily give them to you,

And get syrup all over the pages and Ew,

But that's what happened to me and I'm glad you heard my entry,

And I hope you learned something from all of this, because I learned a lot about others and myself,

Anyways, I really hope you enjoyed this entry,

Love you,

Diary ❤️

© Midnightdreams