Reaching Out
She's only inches away, somehow I can't reach her. My desire is to be near her. Every waking moment. Would be the beginning hours of pure sensual devotion. Sometimes I discover myself drifting into her essence. Whispering into her direction. Observing confidence in her eyes. The mind is racing whenever intimacy touches the sky. Massaging the rainbows. Directing where sensuality will go. The heart relax, its beats remain slow. Suddenly there's an emotional lift. An upsurge of confidence. Reaching out to commune with her soul. The light of day will never know. To what extent I shall fly. Beyond the highest point of fate, a preordained ending, don't ask me why. I am waiting, wondering. Love is a sudden sunburst of energy. Warming. Disarming doubts. Leveling the playing field, I can't turn around. Until I reach her. Believing what I've seen in her. She's a gentle spirit I need her. Reaching out.
© Daniel Mason