Hello, Dear Writco here again.....
Hello Writco Members, I'm back Everyone is celebrating their religious events. This is a week when I wrote nothing in this week my last Story of this week was 'The Magical Box' and I deleted it because fewer as fewer people read so I deleted that post. I felt that it was a boring story. As a writer, I want to impress my readers through writing I want to be a writer. But when I open my pen and put it on the table and put a piece of paper to write something my mind starts blank. And when I open a book to read there were a lot of ideas to write a story in black and white photos of objects and an imaginative Sea came to my mind and photos of people in black and white came and photos of people unknown to me.
And another side of my family. On 7 January 2022, I wrote Everything dries up...Poem
And I wrote 'The Unknown World' on 27 February 2023. There were a lot of visitors who had come to our house in February from Canada those were my father's relatives and in March we went for our family work so I went with my family out of the station. And in March my Brother had come from England. And in Mid-March my Father's aunt had come from the USA. My exams were going on so my test finished in Mid-March later 20 March my aunt had come from the USA. And my exams were going on those days and finished on the 27 March and my Aunt went back with my father on car 4 April and she reached Airport on the 5 April. She reached America on 7 April to her home also. So I didn't get time to think about the Story my mind was still confused. What should I write? What should I think? Why can't I express my emotions and thoughts to readers? Why should I not write about my family's personal life or my brother's Past? And what about our visitors? Or may I write about my aunt's Past (my mother's sister) and my cousins also? I'm still confused about what to write. I was fed up with my work my mind said STOP WRITE PLEASE. So I was demotivated towards my writing I was tired there was negativity everywhere there was dark everywhere in my mind. On 7 April my brother ordered a book he was reading with my cousin it was about Humans and what path should we choose. So he explained to my mother and me about those things. I smiled to myself today an idea came into my mind. A writer thinks first tries to prepare an imagination and he thinks about the plot and character main character who is very intelligent. And prepares a story according to his imagination. And as a reader reads a book he makes an imagination according to the story. Every person has a way to think and write. And all are very intelligent in their work.
God gave me a chance to write again my hope became alive again to write something again... I Thank you Writco who gave me a chance to write again a Story.
I shall write again tomorrow when I prepare a story for all of you.

Happy Sunday.

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