Siren Love Story. Chapter 2 Meeting The Siren Prince.
Layla and her mother woke up the next morning and they were going to the beach. So Layla got ready in her one shoulder waist-high swimsuit. It was a one-shoulder and it had pink flowers on it. The bottom was just plain pink. She also had a baby blue wrapping around her waist. Layla and her mother went to the beach and they both decided to go get some water bottles until Layla here's a cry for help it was two fishermen picking on the male siren prince who Layla dreamt of last night Layla jumped on the boat and it was old and she didn't run. The two fisherman names were Jack and Avery. Jack had short red hair, his skin was tan, he had blue eyes and a tiny nose, and he wore a white t-shirt and black pants and boots. His daughter Avery had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a tiny nose, her skin was tan, and her lips red like a rose. They both hated mythical creatures and they wounded the siren prince. He had a harpoon wound on his back.

Layla: " Hey pick on somebody your size."

The fisherman and his daughter turned around and they both put their fist up Layla attacked back the fisherman and his daughter feared Layla that day. Layla walked over to the male siren prince.

Layla: " It's okay I won't hurt you."

The male siren prince hissed at Layla and he tried to scratch her and he felt pain in his lower back. He screamed in pain. He then looked at Layla and he allowed her to help him. Layla then pulled the harpoon from his back and grabbed her pocket knife from her back and the male siren prince showed his teeth again.

Layla: " Hey it's okay like I said I'm not going to hurt you. This is my pocket knife. Now I'm gonna cut the net and I'm going to put you back into the water okay?"

Prince Coromisia allowed Layla to help him out of the net and he wanted Layla to put him back into the water. Her pocket knife was pink with butterflies on it and she had a teal blue case she kept on her side. The male siren prince looked back and swam up to Layla he gently pulled her down and whispered in her ear.

Prince Coromisia: " (*Whispering*) Meet me at your favorite place tonight."

Layla gently nodded her head and Prince Coromisia swam back to his kingdom and he got the best treatment. Prince Coromisia had short black hair, black eyes and tail, and claws, he also had webbing between his fingers. His kingdom was called Aquarius. It had a place that was gold and blue. Prince Coromisia went into the infirmary immediately and his father asked him what happened to him. His father's name was King Drake. He had short black hair, a black tail, White skin, black claws, and eyes, He had a golden crown on his head and a blue triton and it also had blue gems at the top and bottom. His mother was called Queen Aqua. She also had long black hair, black eyes, and a silver tail. She also had a golden crown on her head. The both of them looked at their son and then swam up to him and asked him what happened.

King Drake: " My son what happened to you?"

Queen Aqua: " It was humans again and you didn't bring back any treasures did you, my son?"

Prince Coromisia: " No but I made a new friend and it's a girl. She helped freed me from the local fisherman and I got a harpoon wound she used a pocket knife to cut the net I was trapped in. I better get going I made her a promise to see her tonight."

King Drake and Queen Aqua looked at each other and they let their son go and visit his new friend. Meanwhile, Layla got ready in her one-shoulder waist-high swimsuit. The top was white with blue flowers on it and it had a plain blue bottom and she had a skirt it had pink flowers on it and it tied up on the side and she went to the cave she found years ago. It was full of crystals and it had stepping stones she had a favorite spot to sit on it was a rock formation it was small but it was just right for her. Then the male siren prince swam up to her and she had on her ruby jewelry set. She then offered the ruby ring to the siren prince but he refused to take it so he put it on her middle finger and he played with her hair.

Layla: " So um what's your name?"

Prince Coromisia: " Prince Coromisia. What's your name."

Layla: " I'm Layla."

Prince Coromisia: " Layla, that has a nice ring to it wanna go for a swim."

Layla: " Um sure, but I can't stay underwater for long."

Prince Coromisia: " Well how about I give you the eternal breath."

Layla: " What is the eternal breath?"

Prince Coromisia: " Well this gonna sound weird but I have to kiss you?"

Layla: " Um okay, but before you do I've never been kissed before."

Prince Coromisia caressed her cheek and he kissed her passionately that day and they both swam underwater.

Layla: " Wow it's amazing down here and I can breathe underwater?"

Prince Coromisia: " You can breathe underwater for the rest of your life and you won't drown. This is the place I come to and it is called the cave of many jewels and I also loved that section where the ruby is."

Layla then blushed and she saw it was getting dark and she had to go back home. She had to tell the siren prince and she took a deep breath and she was ready to tell Prince Coromisia she had to go back home.

Layla: " Coromisia I have to go back home and my mother will get worried about me. Thank you for this gift and I was wondering can we meet up again here?"

Prince Coromisia: " Sure and I like it when you blush and just remember you can't drown because I gave you a gift don't let anyone know about me okay?"

Layla nodded her head gently and she got out of the water. She went back home and she was smiling all night long. Her mother started to notice how much she skipped and hummed in the shower. Her mother then sat her down and she could tell something was off about her daughter.

Avery: " Sweetie why are you smiling so much?"

Layla: " I made a sea friend and I can't tell anyone about my friend."

Avery: " I understand and you have to let me know every night where you're going okay?"

Layla: " Okay mom. I'm going to bed mom."

Avery: " Okay sweetie goodnight."

Layla: " Goodnight."

Then Layla got dressed in her satin white nightgown with thin straps and blue butterflies on it and she brushed her long black hair she went to bed and she blushed a little bit pink. Meanwhile, Prince Coromisia was back in his kingdom and he was laying in his bed and he was also blushing like crazy he made a promise to Layla that no one will know that she was a human. Layla drifted off to sleep and so did Prince Coromisia.

To be continued...
Will Prince Coromisia and Layla meet up again at the caves of many jewels or will they get caught? Find out in chapter 3.
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