Odisha train accident :
कितनी uncertain हैंज़िन्दगी..!! और हमलोग भाग तो ऐसे रहे हैं... जैसे हमेशा यंही रहना हैं...!!💯
Life is totally unpredictable... we can't say what will happen next...
Life becomes so unpredictable sometimes, it could change everything in just one moment....
so to be happy,
To live it the best possible way you can..
Whether we prepared or not we have to deal with its changes when life plyas, you don't have any choice to make
It leaves you with only one option that you have to choose whether you like it or not.⏳️😕

"घर से निकले तो जेब में पता रख ले.... हादसे चेहरे की पहचान मिटा देती हैं "

🚆Three trains were involved in the collision in the eastern state of Odisha on Friday evening

A devastating crash involving three trains in the eastern Indian state of Odisha has killed 275 people and more than 1,000 injured, many of them seriously.

The cause of the crash, which is being described as India's worst this century, is not yet clear.

Ahead of a report into the crash, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw suggested signal failure led to the accident, citing a "change in electronic interlocking" as the probable reason for the crash.