alone I sit in the silent thought,
without a friend, without aught,
the darkness surrounds me like a Cloak,
as I ponder my life's little joke.

what purpose do I serve alone,
in this vast world, all on my own?
the hours tick by, slow and still,
as I complete my own free will.

I long for someone to share my day,
To laugh and talk and Chase away,
the shadows that creep in my mind,
and leave me feeling lost and blind.

But for now, I'll sit and wait,
for fate to bring me a kindred mate,
until then, I'll bide my time,
and cherish the moments that are mine.
I learned to shine in my darkest moment, like a 🌟 Star in the darkness night gloomy and glitter..
in my darkest moment I found my light,
in my weakness I found my strength.
© Biran