you never know what you can do unless you try
there was a 15 year old girl named Karen she lived with her grandparents, all her life she was made fun of until she lost confidence in whatever she wanted to do.
if the school says we are going to do a science project she would make excuses not to make it,
what ever it is, art science or talking to people she was just alone,
until on her 18th birthday she met a person called Mark he became her best friend
so one day he asked her,
do you draw?
she said, I love drawing but I cacan't,
he said OK, then do u do gymnastics?
again she said, I love gymnastics but I can't.
then he said i see u always copying barbie Roberts and barbie Roberts moves and singing,
do u dance and sing?
she said believe me I'd love to be a superstar but I can't.
then he told her keren u'll never know what u can do unless you try.
she said thank u Mark.
one day the school was making a talent show.
when she wanted to enter her name she saw people laughing at her, then she run crying.
so the day of the competition arrived, everyone did great then she the teachers call her name, saying Karen, it's your turn.
she went up there she stated singing when she was done the votes where in,
it was time to announce the winner,
the judges said the winner is keren
she was beyond shocked, she thought to her-self I didn't put my name.
then Mark showed up saying surprise?
she cried happy tears, and since then she started showing people her talents drawing-singing-gymnastics and more.

So here we learn not to hide in the shadows it's all the time when u get a friend like Mark
u say what if you embarrasse your self?
here's a greater question, what if u succeed,
so yeah you never know what you can do unless you try.