Destiny Season 1
Mr.Koshik khurana fell for her the moment he saw her at the Business Party. He couldn't take his eyes off from her. Her name was Shreya Shrivastav. When he came to his senses, he greeted her. Shreya greet him too. Suddenly, shreya became disbalance But Koshik saved her from falling and accidentally Shreya's One earring fall into the pocket of koshik's Coat. Shreya thanks Koshik for helping her. After some time Everyone went back to their house.
When Shreya is on her car, She get to know that one of her earring has lost.She got upset because it was her favourite pair of earrings but know the pair has ruined.
When Koshik reach his house, He find a earrings in his pocket. He was thinking about the earring and Soon he realised that this earring belongs to Shreya Shrivastav. There is a smile on his face. He took the earring at safe place and went to the bed.
He just thinking about shreya throughout the night.
At morning, He got a message form his parents that they are coming back. He replied, "Ok." He took bath and get ready for the office. His Secretary inform him that Orzonika Company want to collaborate with us. First, He did not find any interest in this project but when secretary told him that the CEO of Orzonika company is Shreya Shrivastav who is also an actress and want to do this collaboration by her own. when Koshik got to know that the CEO of the Orzonika company is Shreya Shrivastav want to collaborate with us, He felt joy He give instruction to his secretary to arrange a meeting with Shreya Shrivastav. his secretary got surprise but soon Koshik get to know his mistake and said to him , "I mean Orzonika company." His secretary left the room.
On the other hand, Shreya Got a call from his mother. Her mother said that she has arranged a blind date for her and shreya will have to go tommorow to meet her blind date. Shreya refused but her mother ordered her. at last, She has to say yes.

In Khurana mension. Koshik's Parents has arrived. Mr. Suryansh khurana is a father of koshik khurana who is a Movie director and Mrs. Preesha khurana is a mother of koshik khurana and she is a brilliant doctor.
His mother said to his son that she want him to get married soon and want to see him living a happily married life with his life partner. She also said that this time she will not gonna listen any excuse . she said that she has a friend and her friend's daughter is also a very good girl and business women too , She is your type. Mrs. Khurana said that she has arranged a blind date for him and no excuse is acceptable. After trying very hard, Koshik accept to go to meet her friend's daughter but he also said that if he didn't like that girl so he will not gonna marry her. Her mother accepted.
On the blind date. Shreya and Koshik are just looking at each other, They are shocked.
Shreya was confused and Koshik was happy.
shreya said to Koshik, "Actually, I have no idea that my blind date is you, It's good that we know each other. actually But I seriously don't want any relationship now and not marriage with you either.And to be very honest, I Have a boyfriend and I love him a lot. "
Koshik became angry but he didn't let her see his anger. His happiness has turned into his sadness. Without saying a single word,
Koshik immediately stood up and left the place. Koshik decided to not to talk again with Shreya. Koshik ordered his secretary to cancel the project with Orzonika company.
After that they never talk to each other.

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