The Last Cry (Part - III)
...She took the gift box and her clothes and sat down. Tears flowed down her little eyes.
Her face turned pink. She couldn't say word.
Suddenly, a message came on her phone,
"My dear friend, Merry Christmas."
She stood up and went in her room along with the box and Mary's clothes.
It was right twelve.
She opened the gift box, tears flowed down her eyes.
She saw that it was the same gift which she had bought for her.
There was a letter too in the box.
She opened the letter and read it.

"My dear friend, I am sorry if I ever hurted your feelings. I want to thank you for coming in my life. You are not just a friend, you are my whole life. I pray to God that we would always be together and I would never become a reason for your pain."

She was not able to handle her emotions, she cried and cried whole day long.
She saw a dream in which her friend was standing along with many other girls of the same age wearing beautiful dress and holding a lighted candle...


© Niharika Ojha