When I was in 9th standard my parents left me in hostel because of my bad habits .So ,1st day was my best day because I made so many friends after so many friends some of them starts bullying that hurts me the most after all I spend 2 months in hostel .After that lock down held because of covid-19 after lock down I went to hostel and I was very fatty ,I reduced my fat and become muscular and then I then I give them result of bullying. After all they never does bullying of new students.The" karma" is real,in my 10 standard I got a very low score in my exams and the parents started giving me bad reviews regarding my studies, sports, etc.And I fall in into depression. Of 1.5 years after recovery of my brain 🧠 I lost my everything and then I started paying attention in all things that are going on. Last but not the least, when my 12 is going on in the mid. I started selling illegal things which are banned in the hostel I use to earn money to increase my status that's all was my mind set then I left all these poor things . At end of my school life I think that I should left some memories in my school by making a good score in board exams . so I started studying ,I made a day equal to night 🌙 in studies .And at the end the result was that I become topper of my science [medical stream].

So my request to all parents is that please support your children always,the one piece of paper doesn't decide the potential of your child.
Stop giving bad reviews about your child because it can also harm your child's mental health.

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