Rakshabandhan - A story to be told
It was rakshabandhan....
His inbox was empty...having no siblings might not bothered him until there are days like these.

Many became like siblings along the journey of life..treated like a younger and older brother throughout his college days ..
but from handful of happy wishes to empty inbox..time and things faded....
Relationships fade ,life moves on and time changes .
you change and the people too..

Nothing bothers much as life gets busier.
But that someone among these who came to your life leaves a larger impact and disappear one day and you realise things and times are not the same anymore and occasion like these bringout pictures of the past.

When someone's entry in life changes everything it's hard to get over when they disappear.

There was one such person who filled a place of Sibling, guide, mentor, the person who he looked upto .
Strong and Independent....
A girl with a soul of a strong man.
But at the same time caring and lovable
That's how he saw her.

He was not a man who was special to people always.
He was there like air in people's life
there but not seen at the same time needed when realised.

Hold on
This isn't a love story .
this is a sibling story....

Days were good when he got know her and days got better when she become like his own sister .
What it takes to overcome people is the
love recieved.
You can't get over people who literally fed you by thier own hands.
Making time out busy day and coming to another city just because you are sad takes you back in the timeline and think about the person and the days .
Bringing loads of happiness whenever you meet.
Makes a person finally feel prioritised in someone's life .
Waking up all night and stay connected over a call just because you had finish your coding project makes you rethink about the person.
Days like these makes him think back when you she kept you motivated and listened to his when you had seen failures.

People around envied thier bonding.

Some called your are lucky to have such senior who takes care of you like that .

Things and luck began to fade...

Troubles came in their own lives and life became busy ...

texts went from sorry I'm busy

and everything became silent ...

after months
Meanwhile invites got sent to a occasion
but expect for him

reasons unknown...

they didn't quarrel nor they had any misunderstanding....

years went on he tried to talk...but nothing resonponded
till one day

Response came
"life has moved on , I knw you have helped me alot and so have I ,but now life has moved on.....,"

He still wonders what made things fade ....?

But pages from the memory turns when it's the day called rakshabandhan

He still hopes to cross paths one day and get all the answers ...
will he ...? or should he just get over it thinking that's how the world is ?

People come people go.

Attachment is easy but detachment is pricey..

What do you think he must have done ? still try to bring get the real reason or move on ?

drop your comments .....

Authors like us lucky to we can turn the situations to words ..
This story came from real incident seen in my friends life..
© shash