Skinwalkers: Folk Lore or Real

Skinwalkers, what are they?

Skinwalkers are a Navajo legend, that really isn't understood much outside of the Navajo people/culture. It is a culture legand that many do not understand. So WHAT is a skinwalker? A skinwalker as legend has it is a harmful witch who takes shape as an animal who walks on all fours. Animals usually associated with witch craft are said to be the ones who take "shape" as a skin walker. A skinwalker can also disguise itself as a dog or even a person. The Navajo people call them "yenaaldlooshi" which simply means walks on all fours like a dog

Skinwalkers are not talked about out loud in Native tribes as they think they will be cursed or bring their attention to them.

They're "taboo". They say skinwalkers are evil people. People who have taken lives in their actual life, or practiced witch craft or anything "evil". Or good medicine men who got caught up in the practice of dark magic Lately a phenomenon has been in uproar on YouTube, tiktok, and other platforms of videos of people catching voices or shape-shifters right before there eyes. But be alarmed when something like this is around and encountered by you, it means they're is evil around or even casted on you, or you've opened some portal to bring in the evil. Even when speaking about these witchy creatures and lore them to you.

So if "skinwalker ranch" us your only take on skinwalkers, don't believe those kind of stories. Skinwalkers are powerful creatures especially in Navajo culture, that are evil in spirit and body. The "real" skinwalker Legends are SO TABOO, the Navajo will NOT even speak about them or the subject. So people who throw around this term and subject so easy be cautious it is a very serious thing and can open portals to evil.

Some believe these skinwalkers are people who in past lives were evil, killed people, did disgusting crimes, or practiced black magic. Some say it's just lore and legand. Some say it's just an out to explain unexplainable phenomenon in the natural world. But one thing is certain skinwalkers are nothing to be messed with or spoken about, because their evil, unpredictable, and poses dark magic and should avoided AT ALL COST. So the next time someone bring up the legand of the skinwalker exit the conversation.

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