Once there was a girl named Ailin .
She is a high school girl with more curious and interesting character. Ailin is basically An outspoken girl with loveliness inbuilt in her . She loves to work with more people and keeps her learning mode on in every situation....
She has two friends named ninna and uraas .
They always be together in every situation and have more understanding without having a word of conversation . Ninna had a more followers as she looks so beautiful than the two . But Ailin and uraas had different character and they love to make jokes and laugh within each other.
On the other hand , Ailin is strict with her studies and concentrate more on it . Ailin loves to write very much . And she hates loving somebody and she doesn't believe in love too...as she had more advise from her father . Ailin's father is a business man with middle level income. He too doesn't support the feeling of love as he had seen so many flopped love marriages . He doesn't want her ailin too go through those situations . So he strictly told her not to go with those things.
Ailin is more strong with her father's affirmative words . so she doesn't believe that and accepts it . But the life keeps changing right ....The hearts of a man every time won't be the same !!! let's see what happens within her and her father's affirmation !!

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