The Final Chapter (A Child of The Stars' Trilogy) :Book Three
It was the day of my wedding, & coronation as Queen of Serpentina, as; I was known throughout the entire outer space, as The Child of The Stars', or; Savior of The Galaxies', & Planet Rescuer; &, I would now be known as Queen of Serpentina, Queen Serpina Slytherina Nagina Naga, today; however, I felt as if something were about to happen, & it was going to big, &; little did I know, was, I was right. While I had been kidnapped by an alien beam, from a spaceship, as, I was taken captive & was blindfolded; while I had been brought to Pluto, &, when I had gotten off of the ship, I was brought to an abandoned temple; which was, The Temple or Shrine of Apep. "Viper!" "You!" "You darn traitor!" I hissed, while I was gagged & put in a cage. "You'd be lucky if he doesn't kill or swallow you whole!" I could hear The Head Follower of Apep hiss. "Who are you talking about?!" "Why did you bring me here, Especially on my Special Day?!" "On my Wedding Day?!" I asked angrily, while I held onto the bars' of my cage, as I had been electrocuted, while I drew back; as, I had seen, I had burnt my hands'. "Ha!" "Your Human Form can not withstand our force field, or; at least, not this time, you silly, silly, stupid; little, spoiled, creature, you!" I heard The Head Leader of The Followers' or Worshippers' of Apep say; with a satisfied hiss. While I prayed to our gods' & goddesses', to help me, I was disappointed; when none came. When I was asleep that night, I felt someone unlock the cage, but; was terrified, when, I found out who it was, & why The Followers' of Apep wanted me. The Followers' of Apep, wanted me as pure bait; or, tribute, as; they had succeeded, in bringing back Apep; from the dead! While I was scared, & angry, especially; since my wedding dress was ruined, I knew I had to get away from Apep & his followers'; warning Abdul about all of this. While I had tried to sneak away, I was caught by Apep, who said; in a hissed please, "I certainly hope you weren't going to get married without me!" While I was loaded on the ship, I asked, "how?" "How are you still alive?!" "I literally, killed you." I said. "Well, my dear, where there's a will, there's a way." Apep said, rather pleased, while he thanked his followers' for bringing him back. While I remembered The Buddhist Monk, I met on earth, one day, & the Lucky Pendant, that; I was given, that, I still with me, to this day; I prayed to Buddha, while Apep squeezed me as tight as possible, while hissing; "hey!" "Stop that!" While I could see the pendant glow, I could feel Apep uncoil from around me, as; I had known I had to get away. While I had gotten away, I could see Apep's followers' either dead, being killed, or; imprisoned, while Apep had been angry; while I had seen The Gods' of my planet, & a man, that, I could only think of; as Lord Buddha, along with The Gods' from other Celestial Places' in outer space, come to my aid, as; I had been able to unlock the cage, I was in. While I had helped the gods' & goddesses', that came to my aid, defeat Apep; I actually killed Apep; along with The Leader of his followers', or, The Followers' of Apep. While I had driven the spaceship to my Home Planet, I could see Abdul, as well as, everyone, happy that I was, in fact, safe; just not in a dirty wedding dress. While I was brought to my room, & cleaned up, I had seen that there was another wedding dress; that looked as if it were only plain, & white. As I had tried on the dress, I could see it had fit perfectly on me. While I had put the dress on, I had allowed my Maid-Servants' to dress me; until, I was fully dressed, to the point where, I looked as if I were a princess. While I was walked down the aisle, by my father, he told me; "you look just like your mother, in that dress." While I could see King Abdul, waiting for me, I had been married to Naga or Snake King; Abdul Anahasi, & then, was immediately made Queen of Serpentina. As I could see everyone happy, & my father cry tears' of happiness; I had gotten on The Honeymoon Spaceship, with Abdul, as, we were going to our Honeymoon; on Neptune, which, actually; was a Beach Planet, much like earth, but, it rained diamonds'; instead of water. While I was with Abdul on our Honeymoon, I had a wonderful time, as; we had seen the sights', & enjoyed each other's company, for two whole weeks'. While I had gone with Abdul to the back of the ship, I had known that my life as Queen, most likely a future mother, & The Child of The Stars' or Star Child; was only about to begin, as, Abdul & I had been together thar night. As I had slept, I had known that my adventures' as The Child of The Stars' or Star Child; as well as, Queen of Serpentina, was only just about to begin.