Revenge ( story part: 1)
My Diary...

Today, 7 September, 1960. I Eun-Sook finally became a offical army.
And I did it, learned to persevere even in tough training. I am very happy today. I am missing you a lot mom. I'm sure you and dad would be proud if seeing me right now...


At training camp....

Eun-sook: Many years have passed. I am 27 years old now. Do you want to know what happened in the past ?

7 year old Eun-sook who lived with her mom and dad. One day many bad people came to their country and started troubling and killing everyone.

All the happiness of the country turned into sorrow. Everyone lost their family members. And forcefully went to people's houses to kill them and molested the girls. People are yearning to save their lives. The happiness on everyone's face vanishes at once.

One day those bad guys entered Eun-Sook's house. Eun-sook's dad took his wife and Eun-sook and started running to save their lives.

But those bad people from all sides stop them from running away. Eun Sook's mom closes Eun Sook's eyes with her hands. So that she doesn't get scared seeing all this. Those bad guys come from behind and grab Eun-sook's mom. Eun-sook's dad ran towards Eun-sook's mom with a stick to save her from the hands of those bad guys.

But then their main boss officer of those bad guys comes and shoots on Eun-sook's dad body for five times. Eun-sook's dad died on the spot. Eun-sook and her mom started crying loudly seeing this.

Then their boss officer lifted Eun Sook's mom on his back. And took inside the room and closed the door. Eun Sook's mom calls out for help. Hearing her mother's cry, she went to the other side to see her mother. And she saw the window of that room was opened and she peeped from there to see what he was doing inside with her mom.

She saw that the officer was misbehaving with her mom. And he started tearing her mother's clothes. Eun-sook's mom tries her best to save herself but fails. Eun Sook couldn't bear to see her mom and starts crying while calling her mom.

That officer saw Eun Sook and told the rest of the officers standing outside to kill this little girl. Eun sook's mom tells Eun sook to run away from there and tells her to save her life. But she didn't want to leave her mom in this condition. She started shaking her head while crying and said to her mom," I will not leave you."

She heard the sound of gunshot, she looked back and saw those bad guys running towards Eun sook. Her mom asks her to save her life and tells her to run away from there.

She obeyed her mother while crying and ran towards the forest. And she came running to the seashore and those bad guys are also running behind to kill Eun-sook.

She saw that there are two ships standing there which go from one country to another carrying goods. To save her life, Eun Sook climbed inside one of that two ships and hid behind the goods.

She sat there for an hour in fear. And outside, those people are searching everywhere to kill Eun Sook.

Another half an hour passed and Eun sook fell asleep sitting there. And when she woke up from her sleep, she got up to see those people who were following her.

But Eun Sook found herself in the middle of the ocean. The ship had come far away in the middle of the ocean and no shore could be seen far and wide.

To be continued

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